Fiscal Face Plant

My latest column is up on Right Wing News!

Here is an excerpt:


It is now 2013, and I can unequivocally state that I am sick and tired of all of the Fiscal Cliff crap…mainly because crap is all that we are getting from Washington. After all of the angst and hand-wringing and closed-door meetings and finger-pointing and bloviating for the press, all the White House and the Senate have managed to produce is yet another spending bill.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the deal struck between Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Joe Biden, which passed in the Senate in a 92-8 vote, will add another $3.9 trillion to our already gargantuan federal deficit over the next decade. That’s an extra $390,000,000,000 that our government will spend over and above what they take in every year.

This is not what our nation needs – especially not right now, when our government already spends so much over and beyond what they bring in every year, and the economy is still extremely stagnant.

But despite the blame game that has been the entire Fiscal Cliff drama, the simple, unadulterated truth is that the Fiscal Cliff, and the resulting 11th-hour deal is a direct result of the massive failure in leadership of President Obama and Harry Reid. While the sequestration aspect was an attempt by the GOP to force Democrats into cutting spending, if Obama and Reid truly gave a damn about America’s future, they would have taken a break from campaigning six or seven months ago and ironed out a deal then. But that wasn’t in the Democrats’ best interests politically, so instead the media buried any mention of the Fiscal Cliff until after the election, and the Democrats purposely put off a resolution until the very last second so they could engage in their blame-game. The election was two months ago, yet Barack Obama still has not stopped campaigning.


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