Looking Forward To A Shutdown

My latest column is up at Right Wing News!

Here is an excerpt:

President Obama’s press conference yesterday showed America just exactly what he meant when he said he would not negotiate on raising the debt ceiling. He will not negotiate. He will take no prisoners. He will accept nothing less than complete and total surrender to his agenda.

Once again, the President of the United States seeks to blind the American people to reality, giving them instead a convenient collection of sound bites that place all blame this crisis he created at the feet of Republicans in Congress.

President Obama came out with a lot of lies right out of the gate in the final presser of his first term, and chief among them was his claim that he had cut federal spending by $1.4 trillion over the past two years. He has made that claim many times, and tends to get a pass on it from the media, but the truth is that federal spending increased by $147 billion just last year. This is the game that Washington politicians always play when they don’t want the general public to know the truth: they reduce an increase in spending, and call that a “cut,” even though in the end the American taxpayers are still on the hook for more money.

The president went on to talk about what he calls “$600 billion in new revenue” that will result from “making sure the wealthiest Americans begin to pay their fair share.” To start with, you can’t really ignore the glaringly insulting stupidity it takes for the President of the United States to openly state that the wealthiest Americans, who for decades have been responsible for carrying the vast majority of America’s tax burden, have only just now begun to pay their fair share. But beyond that, we have no way of knowing how much actual revenue the Fiscal Cliff deal will generate. The evidence shows that higher tax rates result in lower tax revenues. This is not some voodoo economics that is up for debate – that is the way it has worked, time and time again, and there is nothing President Obama can do to change the economic reality of that fact. His $600 billion in new revenue is a pipe dream; he may as well kiss that money goodbye just like he did all of the millions he wasted in subsidies to failing green energy companies.

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