The American Empire

America was a nation born in blood and pain. Brave men chose to stand together for freedom, facing down a tyrannical empire, fighting for freedom. Since then, the story of America has been the story of a fight for freedom; the long, bloody fight to free the enslaved and secure rights for those who had none.

But the same is not true today. Like the empires of old, America has grown large and complacent, and like the empires of old, our freedom and prosperity is in decline.

President Obama’s inaugural address cemented the fact that America is in for four more years of big-government partisanship – and not only that, but the President is prepared to kick his agenda up a notch. For all of his talk about getting rid of name calling and forging compromise, President Obama is the king of name calling, and there is no chance he will be forging any compromise anytime soon. He has shown more willingness to negotiate with the extreme Islamist republic in Iran than he has to negotiate with his domestic political opposition. He speaks more kindly about the new oppressive regime in Egypt than he does about fellow Americans who disagree with him politically.blog__obama_angry

Any Republican who ever said that Barack Obama might moderate after his second electoral victory has absolutely no concept of reality – and after the president laid out his agenda for his second term, each and every one of them should know that. Barack Hussein Obama is the most liberal, and one of the most divisive presidents in American history, and he continues to prove that with his every pronouncement and decree. He has violated the Constitution multiple times already, and has repeatedly voiced his desire to do so again and again. Several members of his administration have voiced their admiration for dictators like Chairman Mao, Fidel Castro, and Vicente Fox.

Conservative author and documentarian Dinesh D’Souza posited the theory that President Obama implemented policies that were destructive to America due to the anti-colonial background instilled in him by his father. I think that his goal is not only to tear down what he perceives as the American empire, but to replace it with his own post-American empire. He does not want to compromise. He does not want to negotiate. He pays lip service to cutting spending and “balanced approaches” that include spending cuts that would stabilize our deficits and start us on the path to shrinking our debt…and then by his actions he proves that he doesn’t really care about deficit reduction. He isn’t interested in reducing our debt – in fact, he doesn’t seem to be concerned about debt at all, as he has presided over the biggest debt increase in our nation’s history – outpacing all previous presidents combined, with no sign of slowing down.

It seems that, if anything, the Left in America is intent on bringing about the purposeful economic and social destruction of our nation.  The president’s every policy runs counter to the best interests of our nation: spending ever more money, demonizing the rich, profiting from pitting American, American.

And now, this president who would be king has the audacity to hope that the American people will buy into his lie that all of our nation’s woes are brought on by the stubborn thick-headedness of Republicans in Congress and the fear-mongering of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. Apparently, he thinks this is Venezuela or China. It isn’t enough for him to have almost every media organization in his back pocket, they must all be on his side.

Don’t get me wrong – until Barack Obama became president, I never really believed in any “vast left-wing conspiracy,” yet we are seeing nothing less than a conspiracy in action today. We have one of the most divisive partisan presidents in our nation’s history – certainly the most partisan president in modern times – reigning over us, constantly campaigning for policies that are bringing about our nation’s economic and societal ruin. His comrades in the Senate not only rubber-stamp his agenda, but they have refused to do their duty as defined in the Constitution and eve pass a budget. They have thwarted Republican measures geared toward helping our economy and creating jobs at every turn, and then they will point fingers at the GOP anytime some reckless spending measure, debt ceiling increase, or any other piece of the Obama agenda looks like it might meet with the slightest bit of resistance in Congress.

090515_obama87_ap_297Meanwhile, nearly every major media outlet is failing in the ratings these days because they seem capable of doing little more than shilling for the majority party. The Fourth Estate isn’t about holding the government accountable anymore; now it’s all about the thrill up their leg as they mindlessly fawn over Der Fuhrer…oops, I mean President Obama – because now that George W. Bush isn’t president anymore, we must be sensitive to the fact that comparing a dictator to a dictator makes us look bad, no matter how many real historical parallels exist. Most of the American media is willing to let the president, the Senate, and any Democrat in Congress get away with just about anything, because the media isn’t about honesty anymore; it is all about the Party.

This is why Secretary of State Clinton can sit before a Congressional committee and loudly pronounce her indignation: “What difference – at this point – does it make” and be lauded by the mainstream media for her show of strength and tenacity when faced down by those evil Republican naysayers.  After all, what difference – at this point – does it make that the President, the Vice President, the Secretary of State, the US Ambassador to the UN, and other members of the Obama administration were complicit in a rather transparent attempt to cover up the incompetence and apathy that lead to the deaths of four Americans, including one US ambassador?  What difference – at this point – does it make that the cover-up is still ongoing?  To them, it makes no difference at this point because the election is over, Barack Obama won, and that is all that matters – at this point – to them.

This is why President Obama can get away with using Nazi-style propaganda tactics, surrounding himself with children as he signs unconstitutional executive orders that will do nothing to reduce gun violence in America, and then can use his still-active presidential campaign machine to start a push for even more unconstitutional restrictions on gun ownership, with no questions or scrutiny from the media.

This is why the Democrats can ram though massively unconstitutional health care legislation in which ten years of fees and taxes are used to pay for five years of spending because the Democrats know that the Congressional Budget Office only scores bills on a ten-year scale, and they wanted to be able to call it “deficit-neutral,” and the media gives them a pass because the bill has the word “affordable” in its name.

This is why our nation’s debt can top $16,487,000,000,000 due to the lack of a federal budget and out-of-control government spending, yet the President of the United States can say with a straight face that our government does not have a spending problem – we just need to raise taxes on the rich, and it will all work out in the end.

President Obama will mischaracterize public opinion for his own good – and if you call him on it, he will mischaracterize you, too, just as he does all of his political opponents.  In recent speeches and interviews, the President of the United States has stated that the people of America are behind him on gun control, an allegation that is far from true, and then he accused Congressional republicans of so afraid of NRA lobbyists that they will never join him on the issue…and then he proceeded to accuse them of political corruption.  So this is how it is: if you don’t agree with Dear Leader, then you are a hateful fear-mongering corruptocrat in the pocket of Washington lobbyists.  And the mainstream media will never call him out on that, because they agree.

I’ve got news for you, America: Barack Obama is not content to settle for being President of the United States.  He has higher aspirations than that.  He is the anti-George Washington.  His true wish is to be Emperor, to be Chancellor, to be King.  His form of crisis politics is destructive not just to his political opponents, but to our entire nation.  Now, the only question America must answer is whether our nation will survive   four more years with Barack Obama as President.



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