Senator Scumbag Menendez

My latest column is up on Right Wing News!

Here is an excerpt:

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez is back in the news, once again over allegations that he traveled to the Dominican Republic, where he got it on with underage prostitutes.  In a typical case of media bias, the story has been buried by most big-name media sources – the allegations first surfaced just prior to the 2012 election, but have failed to gain widespread attention.  They seem to be picking up steam now, as the Florida office of the donor whose jet Menendez took to the Dominican Republic has been raided by the FBI, though it is not yet clear whether the FBI raid is tied to Menendez being a scumbag.

At the very least, Menendez is corrupt.  He flew around in a donor’s private jet, and used his influence as a US Senator to try and help that same donor with his business in the Dominican Republic.  So at the very least, Menendez is a corrupt scumbag who shouldn’t be trusted in the United States Senate.

But the allegations about prostitution are the truly disturbing side of the story.

Continue reading here.


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