The Truth About Taxes

A liberal guy I know posted something on Facebook the other day.  He had just filed his tax return, and he said that this was the first time he hadn’t gotten all of his money back.  He then went on to smarmily write that he wasn’t going to be like those nasty conservatives and bemoan the fact that he actually had to pay taxes this year, because he knows the importance of roads and bridges, police and firefighters and teachers.

Curious, I checked his birthdate listed on his profile.  I’m 31, and I thought he was close to my age.  As it turns out, he is several years older than I am.

Now, I don’t know how the world is supposed to work, but if I could get through life without paying taxes for over 35 years, I would consider myself to be fairly fortunate.  At the least, I would hope I could see the irony in making fun of the conservatives who have been paying for my ability to use those roads and bridges, to be protected by those police and firefighters, and to be taught by those teachers most of my life for free.

This is the true betrayal that exists in welfare-state liberals demanding that the wealthiest Americans “pay their fair share.”  Anyone who is moderately educated and actually cares to look up the facts can find out fairly easily that it is the wealthy in America who pay most of the taxes.

If you are on welfare or food stamps; if you get Medicare or Social Security, if you get WIC or benefit from any of a number of other government programs – or even if you just get all of your tax money back when you file your return, you should thank a taxpayer.

But hard working tax paying Americans don’t complain about paying taxes because they’re a bunch of greedy S-O-Bs who don’t care about the rest of society.  This is the thing about liberals: while pretty much everyone can agree on the importance of roads, bridges, police, firefighters, and teachers, these are not the things that conservatives tend to complain about when it comes to paying our taxes.

The main thing that comes from big government is big waste.  The bigger the government is, the more wasteful it is.  If you look far enough into any department of our government, it is nearly inevitable that you will be able to identify millions upon millions of dollars in waste.  Add it all up, and soon enough those millions become billions.

This is what conservatives complain about when we complain about taxes.  It isn’t about the essentials, it’s about all of the extra things that we end up paying for – all of those non-essential things that suck away all of our money and leave us with huge deficits and debt.

And not only do we see that there is massive waste in government, but if ever anyone talks about cutting the budget, about bringing efficiency to our government, cutting the budget to eliminate deficits and get rid of our debt, it is always the Democratic politicians who tell us that if we cut, then it is the roads, bridges, police, firefighters, and teachers that will bear the burden for those cuts.

Just take teachers as an example.  Every year, we pay more on education than we did the year before.  It doesn’t seem to matter how much we pay in to the system, we never seem to get a very good return on our investment.  Our schools are still failing.  But if ever anyone even mentions cutting the education budget, only the teachers are the on the chopping block.  Our education system has morphed into a massive bureaucracy.  At this point, God only knows how many taxpayer dollars are wasted on paying for paper-pushers to sit behind desks in some federal or state office building each and every day.  We could bring massive improvement to our education system just by eliminating the bureaucracy, yet always it is the front-line employees who are always eliminated first.  Meanwhile, each and every year, it gets harder and harder for good teachers to pay for the supplies they need just so that they can try and impart some knowledge to their students.

Maybe if there were more taxpayers in our society and fewer people accusing taxpayers of being greedy bastards, our politicians would be a little more worried about throwing our money down the government toilet of waste and inefficiency.  Instead, we have a Senate that refuses to pass a budget, a president who insists that we don’t have a spending problem, and a welfare state that is unsustainable.


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