FRC Shooter Pleads Guilty, Used “Hate Map” To Target Victims

Man-charged-Family-Research-Council-shooting-QS235NC2-x-largeSarah Palin was blamed for the shooting of Gabby Giffords due to a map showing a target over her Congressional district. The message of that map was to target the Giffords election, with the goal of getting a Republican elected in that district.  No link between Palin, her website, and the shooter was ever established, except in the minds of the liberal media.

The man who shot up the offices of the Family Research Council plead guilty today, saying that he was targeting groups based on a “Hate Map” from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website.  SPLC is a left-leaning group that targets conservative groups for what it sees as “hate” and “intolerance.”

It’s odd to see how the events with the FRC shooter unfolded in exactly the same manner as the accusations aimed at Sarah Palin and the Giffords shooting.  It will be interesting to see how the mainstream media covers these facts, if they even mention them at all.  As of this writing, the story is on the front page of CNN’s website, and is also on CBS’s site (CBS uses the story as written by the Associated Press), and while both mention FRC’s calling out of SPLC for their labeling, neither story mentions SPLC’s “Hate Map.”  The story is conspicuously absent from MSNBC and NBC’s sites.

Read more at The Blaze.


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