Canine Statism

Apparently, it isn’t enough for Michelle Obama to step out in between her Oscar appearances, high-class Hollywood parties, and multi-million dollar vacations to treat the American People like 2-year-olds who must be told what they can and cannot eat; now she is coming after our pets:

“Dogs are no different,” Michelle Obama explained to a woman on the [Google Hangout] chat. “You want to make sure they are eating a balanced diet, and if they are not an active dog, make sure that their food is reflective of an inactive dog and then get them out there and throw that ball and get them running.”

The only reasoning I can think of for this, in the context of our president’s personal history, is that between higher inflation and higher taxes, pretty soon our canine friends will be the only meal we can afford…and you definitely don’t want your dog to be malnourished.  It’s very important that you take a balanced approach to Fido’s diet, or it could affect the flavor of the meat.



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