The Blind Leading The Blind

My latest article is up at Right Wing News!

Here is an excerpt:

It is hard enough to trust politicians as it is, but when it comes to trusting anyone on the Left on the issue of gun control, it seems to become harder and harder every day.  The idea that we should sit by and listen as national or state policy is dictated to us by people who do not understand firearms, and who assume that everyone else in America shares their lack of understanding, is appalling.

Senator Diane Feinstein and Vice President Joe Biden have emerged as the government’s leading gun control advocates, but when it comes to gun control, both of them are quacks (and to call them “quacks” is being kind).  Both of them have repeatedly displayed their ignorance on even the simplest of issues related to gun control, and the idea that they still have credibility in some quarters on this (or any other) issue boggles the mind.

Since signing his executive orders post-Sandy Hook, President Obama sent his Vice President out to head up his campaign for more restrictive nation-wide gun control measures.  Biden, in a lame attempt to endear himself to gun owners, has repeatedly stuck his foot in his mouth (something Biden is disturbingly used to doing).

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