The GOP Needs To Man Up

My latest column is up now at Right Wing News!

Here is an excerpt:

The Republican Party just released what is supposed to be their big comeback strategy: The Growth & Opportunity Project.  This is the vision for the Republican Party – after getting spanked in November’s presidential election by an unpopular, divisive partisan hack who faced some huge setbacks right before the election, you would think that the GOP has some major retooling to do.

GOP Chairman Reince Priebus has referred to the Growth & Opportunity Project as “an autopsy,” and I for one think Priebus is right on in his description.  The report doesn’t give an impression of a party that is sincerely trying to do what it right for America; it is more along the lines of a political analysis – complete with focus-groups, surveys, and all the right buzzwords – coming from a party elite that wants to deceive people into believing they’re something that they’re not.  They aren’t looking for revival, they’re just dissecting the dead body, searching for confirmation of what they already believe to be true.

It’s kind of sad, really, watching the Republican Party flailing around aimlessly like an emotional teenager trying to find itself.  After the party’s loss in November, the party was sitting in the tub, with a razor blade pensively held above its wrist, but instead of doing the deed, the party chickened out & decided to write down its thoughts in a nice, neat 100-page journal, detailing all of its problems, and how it can overcome them…but there’s still something missing.

Continue reading here.


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