Tax, Spend, And Blame

My latest column is up at Right Wing News!

Here is an excerpt:

President Obama has unveiled his budget proposal (only two months late, but who’s counting?), and he presented it with the same gravity and urgency that informed Americans have come to know and love from Dear Leader.  Each and every time the president makes the decision to engage in smear tactics to push his next bad policy through the legislature, he necessarily takes a dramatic stand in front of the media and points his finger at the Republican bogeyman.  It is the same politics of divisiveness, the same vilify-and-conquer strategy he uses every time, so there were no real surprises.

1. This budget is just more tax-and-spend socialism.

Yes, President Obama is making some reforms to Social Security and Medicare, and it’s about time we started taking a serious look at making those programs sustainable.  But despite the president’s statement to the contrary, his talk about fiscal responsibility truly is just a bunch of “smoke and mirrors.”  There are some token entitlement reforms, but overall, President Obama’s budget represents a massive increase in government spending.  The president’s talk of deficit reduction just doesn’t hold water in light of the fact that spending is set to go up yet again, with no possibility of ever reaching a balanced budget under the president’s plan.  The main goal of the president’s budget seems to be raising taxes as much as he can so that he can spend more money.  His talk of cutting or reforming entitlements amounts to little more than a token effort to get Republicans on board – or, at the least, leave himself an opening to criticize Republicans who don’t get on board.

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