Thoughts On The Tragedy In Boston

Like many across the nation, I was shocked and horrified when I heard the news of the bombing at the Boston Marathon. And like many, I followed the news of the tragedy, the confusion, the “fog of war,” as it always seems to happen when tragedy strikes.

Upon hearing the news, my first thoughts were of shock and horror, and I said a prayer for the injured and those responding to the emergency. But following soon after that was the thought “what freedoms will be sacrificed in the aftermath of this tragedy?”

Perhaps it is just a result of the 24-hour news cycle, but it seems that every time tragedy strikes, it follows a predictable pattern.

As soon as the networks run out of information, the repetition starts. You hear the same narrative again and again, as they wait for something new to come across the news desk. The same images and footage get run again and again.

And then the speculation starts.

Always eager to be the first to report it, the pundits inevitably start putting forward their theories on who may have committed the attack, and the narrative always seems to be the same. Not matter how much (or how little) evidence, the fingers always start pointing, and they always seem to point in the wrong direction.

It’s time for the constant blame games to stop. While both sides of the political aisle constantly accuse each other of incivility, our humanity gets lost in a fog of politics. We shouldn’t have to deal with the constant finger-pointing and mindless speculation. The pundits who make the same incorrect assumptions and false accusations time after time should be shamed and forced off of the air. And while I am not naive enough to think that will actually happen, I still retain enough faith in humanity to hope that it could.

The politics of the 24-hour news cycle seem to rob our nation of its humanity. It is hard to say when it started, but at least since former President Clinton attempted to blame the Oklahoma City Bombing on talk radio with no evidence to back it up, the trend just keeps getting worse and worse, and it is time for Americans of all stripes to stand together and say “no.” As emotional as tragic events can be, we should not allow our humanity and our compassion to be robbed of us just because some pundits want to make headlines.


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