Flailing Blindly For Imaginary Extremists, Ignoring The Real Ones

With all of the confusion and chaos over the Boston Marathon bombing, with reporters, pundits and columnists breathlessly hoping that the bomber turns out to be a white conservative, it seems that another incident involving a left-wing radical is being swept under the rug.

Just over the past few days, we have had a terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon, with a massive manhunt, conflicting reports about arrests and suspicion, a Saudi national first apparently being looked at as a person of interest, and then reportedly being deported for “national security” reasons, and the aforementioned hopes that the bomber turns out to be a white male.

A story that initially generated a lot of press, but seemingly has been squeezed out by news surrounding the ongoing investigation of the Boston bombing is the ricin-laced letters that were mailed to President Obama and Senator Roger Wicker.  As it turns out, it wasn’t too difficult for bloggers to track down the man who is now the prime suspect: a left-wing activist named Paul Kevin Curtis.

Given the news media’s purposeful ignoring of the absolutely shocking testimony coming out of the Gosnell trial, it’s no surprise that they would ignore Paul Kevin Curtis, as well – ignoring stories that don’t further their agenda, while promoting stories that do has been a long-standing tactic of the mainstream liberal media.

CBS News has a report on the suspect, but goes to great lengths to describe his activism without mentioning his political affiliations…but at least they mention the fact that he is an Elvis impersonator.


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