You Might Be A Democrat

My latest column is up on Right Wing News!

Here is an excerpt:

You might be a Democrat if you believe…

  • Fighting against government-subsidized contraceptives constitutes a “war on women,” but when Islamists stone a woman to death because she was raped, it is just “cultural differences.”

  • The Second Amendment only guarantees the people’s right to own a musket, yet viewing Internet pornography in a public library is protected by the First.

  • Teaching multiple origin theories in public schools is an abhorrent dilution of science curriculum, but in history class, class time should focus on the contributions of homosexuals and ethnic minorities.

  • Teenagers should be able to get contraceptives or abortions without a parent’s permission, but sodas and other sugary drinks should be banned.

  • Only white people can be racist.

Continue reading here.



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