A Time For Impeachment

My latest column is up at AND Magazine!

Here is an excerpt:

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens… Thus sayeth Ecclesiastes and The Byrds. With the slowly exploding controversy over last year’s events in Benghazi, where 4 Americans, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, lost their lives, it seems that we should add yet another item to that Ecclesiastical list: A time to impeach.

After all, President Obama has been mired in scandal from his administration’s illegal actions for years already. The scandal of Operation Fast and Furious, where President Obama’s Justice Department was involved in “gun walking” – essentially turning a blind eye to weapons trafficking by Mexican drug cartels, ostensibly in an effort to “track” them, resulted in the deaths of at least one U.S. federal agent, and hundreds of civilians in Mexico. But just when Congress was making some headway in their investigation into how far up in the Executive Branch the culpability in Fast and Furious extended, President Obama himself stepped in, invoking Executive Privilege in order to hide key documents from the Congressional investigation.

To this day, Attorney General Eric Holder still has not answered to charges of Contempt of Congress in relation to the Fast and Furious investigation. Holder is the first sitting U.S. Attorney General to ever be found in contempt of Congress, yet he still holds office, continuing to blatantly thumb his nose at the Constitution with zero regard for his oath of office.

Janet Napolitano, who supposedly directs the Department of Homeland Security, has faced significant failures as well as being tied up herself in various borderline (if not totally) criminal activities. She has continually run her department with more of a focus on politics than security; she has repeatedly lied about the state of security along our southern border, she was responsible for the unnecessary release of hundreds of criminal aliens in a bid to exaggerate the effects of the budget sequester, and most recently, she lied under oath to a Congressional committee about a Saudi national who was deported due to national security concerns related to the Boston Marathon bombing. What’s more, early analysis of the events leading up to the terrorist attack in Boston have shown that the bombers were not deported, despite numerous warnings from both Russia and Saudi Arabia, because US intelligence agencies were not communicating with each other. This calls Napolitano’s competence into question, as well as begging the question of why the Department of Homeland Security still exists. It was created, after all, to ensure that our intelligence agencies were communicating with each other about potential threats, after similar communication failures were discovered during the investigations following 9/11. If, over a decade after the destruction of the World Trade Center, US intelligence agencies still aren’t communicating effectively, then maybe it’s time to fire Napolitano, disband DHS, and try an idea that might actually work.

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