American Feudalism

My latest column is up at AND Magazine!

Here is an excerpt:

The latest revelation that the Obama administration has been collecting unprecedented amounts of data on innocent Americans is really rather unsurprising, and not just because I’m one of those wacko conservatives who doesn’t trust the government. The interesting thing is the mixed reactions over the revelation, as some are outraged, and others defend the program, saying that it is an important factor in our fight against terrorism.


Back when the Patriot Act was first introduced, it was not without controversy – and, ironically enough, at that time the roles were largely reversed: Republicans – even many conservative Republicans – were okay with many of the more contentious provisions of the Patriot Act, primarily because George W. Bush was president at the time. Today, conservatives are apoplectic at the prospect of the Obama administration having control of this type of program, and their concerns are undoubtedly justifiable; but while it would have been nice if more of us had been on board to fight these overreaching programs back at their inceptions, frankly, I don’t think that matters a whole lot anymore.


But the thing that every American should be realizing now is that, unlike the granting of 501c4 status by the Internal Revenue Service, at its root, this should not be a partisan issue. Conservatives were wrong to put a false sense of security ahead of their rights during the Bush administration, all in the name of the War on Terror. Now we are seeing the consequences of those decisions.

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