Arab Spring, Take Two

My latest column is up at Right Wing News!

Here is an excerpt:

When the Arab Spring struck Egypt just a couple of years ago, it was hailed by many as a great day.  Democracy, they said, had finally arrived in Egypt, and it didn’t matter that they were replacing a US-friendly dictator with an anti-US radical Islamic regime.


But now it seems that Egypt has made no progress at all.  While the Obama administration has done everything it could to prop up the new Egyptian dictatorship, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, plus multiple donations of advanced military hardware…quite interesting behavior coming from the political party that gets off on showing pictures of Republicans hanging out with Saddam Hussein back when he was America’s favorite dictator.  In fact, there are so many historical examples proving that supporting Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood regime is a bad idea, it’s rather remarkable that President Obama has gotten away with it thus far.  But then, the Left has always been rather selective in its application of historical lessons.


Today, the mobs are back.  The people of Cairo have been discontented since their great democratic experiment, as the Muslim Brotherhood government has been extremely lacking in bringing back infrastructure and civilization to that once-great city.  Pictures brought back by photojournalists show a city in ruins – a third-world hellhole.  It seems that the millions provided by the Brotherhood’s friends in the United States were not being spent for the good of the Egyptian people.

Continue reading here.


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