The Left Wants Poor and Minorities To Die

Even though the Democrats’ gun control schemes have failed at the federal level, they are still trying. The state of Colorado recently drove Magpul out of their state, representing a significant loss in jobs. Public schools in various states across America have begun engaging in their own little “War on Guns,” attempting to indoctrinate America’s children into an inherent fear of guns. Meanwhile, the politicians are still working their angles, biding their time…probably waiting for another tragedy to exploit.

But personally, I find some things quite confusing about these gun control measures. The politicians know (at least, some of them do) that they are limited in what laws they can impose upon us. The Second Amendment is still the law in America.

That being the case, the legislators are getting creative. Here in California, they are proposing mandatory registration for ammunition sellers and purchasers. Sellers would have to register with the government, and purchasers would have to pass regular background checks, be registered, and have their identity verified every time they purchase ammunition. The end result would, of course, be that, in addition to having to pay additional fines and fees for the registration and background checks, gun owners would be stuck paying higher prices for ammunition, as prices would necessarily go up.

Of course, California is not the only state considering measures that would essentially amount to shutting down ammunition sales for most people. It’s rather ironic, considering the Democrats’ stance when it comes to voter ID laws. Their argument has always been that the poor, the elderly, and minorities would be the most effected by these laws, because they are less likely to have, or to be able to get an ID.

So imagine a poor family, or a minority family, or a retired elderly couple on a fixed income. Perhaps they live in a bad neighborhood, and keep a firearm around to defend themselves and their families.

Given the Democrats’ stance on voter ID laws, and their argument that those laws would adversely effect the franchise for the poor and minorities, how is it that they fail to see that their measures, which would make ammunition cost-prohibitive even for middle-class purchasers, will adversely effect the Second Amendment rights of the poor and minorities? Could it be that these Democratic politicians are so callous and uncaring that, while they are so committed to blocking any measure that would increase the reliability of our elections process, they don’t care enough about the lives of American citizens to ensure those citizens are able to defend themselves.

Time after time, the evidence shows us that more restrictive gun laws turn citizens into victims, giving criminals the upper hand. When citizens are allowed to own firearms with fewer governmental restrictions, crime rates drop, and the people are safer…so the real question is, why do Democrats want Americans – especially the poor and minorities – to die?


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