Bombing For Fame

My latest column is up at AND Magazine!

Here is an excerpt:

As a pretty much stereotypical conservative political junkie, I don’t have much use for Rolling Stone Magazine as it is. But because what is usually a Rock & Roll magazine does delve into politics quite often, I tend to keep an eye on them. The magazine made some waves back in 2008 when they featured Barack Obama on the cover during the presidential campaign, but President Obama has been featured quite a few times since then. Gone are the days when we expected the President of the United States to be an elder statesman, a uniter, an honorable man with bipartisan influence. Gone are the days of the statesmen; in are the days of the rock-star presidents. I’ll leave it to you to ask our nation’s economy how that’s going for the United States.


But when it comes to the cover of the Rolling Sone, how far is too far? Rock & Roll is all about pushing the envelope – as an avid classic rock fan (often in spite of the political affiliations of some of my favorite musicians), I understand that. But as counter-cultural as sex, drugs, and rock & roll can be, there is a limit to what is acceptable. Pushing societal norms is one thing; delving into the depraved, disgusting, and deplorable is quite another.


Rolling Stone Magazine recently chose an interesting figure for the cover of its publication. On the cover of the August 1 issue of Rolling Stone is “alleged” Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – one of two men who planted bombs at the Boston Marathon and intended to kill and maim as many Americans as they possibly could. They ended up killing three innocent Americans, and injuring and maiming over 260 others.

Continue reading here.


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