Benefits Of A Government Shutdown

I guess the next big crisis to hit Washington is the possibility that some Republicans might actually stand for something in a real, principled manner – something that is rare enough in modern U.S. politics.  Just the rumor that some Republicans might be taking a stand to de-fund the Affordable Care Act in the next Continuing Resolution.  With a CR vote coming up this fall, it provides Congress with one of its best – and last – opportunities to de-fund the Obamacare boondoggle.

I guess my only complaint is that they’re only preparing to fight ACA funding in this CR battle, when the CR process itself should be under an all-out attack – after all, President Obama won his re-election, so there is no longer any reason to protect him from the criticism that would come from passing a budget packed with all of the excessive spending the Democrats want to perpetuate.  In theory, the president’s campaign is over, yet he and his allies in Congress have never stopped campaigning, including continuing to use CRs to hide their wasteful spending.

It was almost funny how Democrats started fretting about the possibility of a government shutdown before Republicans had even firmed up their plans to oppose a continuing resolution that included Obamacare funding; they immediately started grumbling about how evil it would be if Republicans forced a shutdown just so they could get rid of Obamacare.

This is confusing on so many levels, particularly considering that every day, more and more Democrats are realizing – and publicly stating – that Obamacare just keeps looking worse and worse.  Deadlines keep getting bumped out as the bureaucracy just can’t seem to keep up with the bill’s arbitrary deadlines.  This has forced President Obama to delay the employer mandate – something which, under the law, he has no authority to do.

Not that obeying the law has been of any particular concern to the Obama administration so far – the Administration has done everything they can to minimize the effects of their own bill.  Waivers have been handed out by the hundreds to the Democrats’ friends and donors.  The employer mandate was, of course, delayed until after the mid-term elections.  The bill is so bad that Congress has managed to get an exemption for themselves and their staff…and if Congress doesn’t want it for themselves, you can bet that it’s bad news for the American people.

Put all of it together, and you have a travesty for the American people.  Obamacare doesn’t deserve a dime in taxpayer funding.  They say that Congress’s greatest power is the power of the purse.  It’s about time they actually used it.  It’s about time we shut down this completely out of control government for a worthy cause, and showed the people of America how truly easy it is to get by without those “non-essential” government services.

But there’s a problem: the only hurdle the GOP has left to get over is messaging – which has consistently been the Republicans’ Achilles Heel.  All Republicans have to do is keep pumping the message that if the government shuts down, it will be because the Democrats are so tied to this one horrible program that they’re willing to reject funding for every other wasteful department and program just to keep their train-wreck moving.  If they can get the messaging right, the GOP might just come out on top in this fight…but given their rough & rocky history when it comes to getting their message across, I wouldn’t bet on it.


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