US to bolster Southern Border…of Mexico?

The Obama administration continues to prove that it is little more than a bad joke both domestically and on the world stage.  The southern border of the United States has itself been a joke for far too long, with illegal immigrants and drug runners coming and going daily across a border that the Democrats in power continually refuse to secure.

But it gets worse.

Not only are the Democrats continuing to refuse to secure our southern border and pushing a new amnesty bill that only encourages more people to come to the United States illegally, but now the word is that the Obama administration is considering plans to help Mexico secure their southern border! 

According to US officials, the plan is to help Mexico stem the tide of drug and human trafficking into Mexico from Guatemala and Belize.  This raises a few questions.  First off, while it might be easier to secure Mexico’s much smaller southern border than the US’s massive border, many parts of Mexico are pretty much being run by the drug cartels.  Stopping drug & human trafficking across Mexico’s southern border might help the United States a little bit in stemming the tide, but until the US government secures our own border, it will not end the problem by a long shot.

It seems that departing DHS Director Janet Napolitano isn’t quite finished screwing over the American people.


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