Leftist Revisionist History Strikes Again

At a time when our nation is already struggling with so many racial issues, and so much in America on race relations just doesn’t make any sense anymore, you would think that mixing things up even further on race would be a bad idea.


Paula Deen – a woman whose show I never watched – made headlines a few months ago over allegations of racism and workplace harassment.  She admitted to maybe using the ‘N-word’ several decades ago, and that was that: she was immediately condemned as a racist by a hostile media, tried and convicted in the court of public opinion, and her career was executed as punishment for the crime of political incorrectness.


Then there is the George Zimmerman trial.  After being tried and convicted primarily along racial lines in the court of public opinion (after being re-branded as ‘white’ or a ‘white-hispanic’ by a hostile media), Zimmerman was acquitted of criminal charges in a court of law – not that an acquittal really matters to the race-baiters in America.  Zimmerman now lives in an undisclosed location, for his own protection.


So now, the lovely people over at Law and Order: SVU have decided to re-write history, combining both of these shining examples of the decline of American race relations into one story, apparently wherein Paula Deen, played by Cybil Shephard, will shoot a hoodie-clad black teenager, which could only be a caricature of Trayvon Martin.


It makes one wonder: why would Hollywood feel the need to do something so stupid?  In a climate where African-American teenagers continue to engage in revenge killings over Martin’s death, to say that fanning the flames is irresponsible is a massive understatement.


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