Bizarrely Commonplace

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Here is an excerpt:

I am sure that I’m not the only person in America finding himself deeply disturbed by this cycle of events that is becoming a bizarrely common happening in American society:

Step 1:
A deeply disturbed individual, likely with a history of mental illness, and possibly on some sort of psychotropic drugs, acquires one or more firearms, through legal or extra-legal means. This person is likely also an aficionado of violent video games, and is known to spend much of his time playing those games.
Step 2:
This disturbed individual chooses a target for his violence. He likely has some kind of personal connection to his target, and knows that it is a “gun free zone,” meaning the people he is targeting will not be armed.
Step 3:
The disturbed individual shows up at his target location and begins shooting & killing as many people as he can.
Step 4:
The national media picks up the story, reporting every fact, rumor, and lie they come across, in their desperate attempt to get the latest news out seconds before the other networks. This may or may not include talking about the killer using weapons he did not use, incorrectly blaming the National Rifle Association and/or the Tea Party, and accusing innocent people who happen to have names similar to the suspected killer – oftentimes showing the innocent person’s picture, if they can find their Facebook page.
Step 5:
The killer himself is likely killed, either by law enforcement officers, or by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. In a minority of cases, the killer is captured and taken into custody.
Step 6:
Gun control advocates come out in force, talking about the dangers of “assault weapons” and calling for the banning of AR-15s.
Step 7:
The national media gloms onto any fact, rumor, or lie that makes it easier for gun control advocates to make their argument against hateful, violent assault weapons.
Step 8:
The facts come out about how the killer was a deeply disturbed individual with mental health issues and an unhealthy addiction to violent media. These facts are ignored by much of the national media and virtually all gun control advocates, who continue their useless tirade against firearms.

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