Why Ted Cruz Is Right – And The Establishment Is So, So Wrong

Senator Ted Cruz is still under attack for his 21-hour filibuster and attempt to defund Obamacare, which by the day looks bleaker and bleaker, particularly in light of Congressional Republicans’ offer to keep funding for Obamacare as long as it is delayed for a year.  But as the old-guard GOP establishment plays their political games, refusing to stand in principle and do away with a law that is actively harming our nation, they are putting their own schemes in jeopardy.

In his criticism of Ted Cruz, long-time wolf-in-sheepskin Senator John McCain, deigned to lecture Senator Cruz on the fact that elections matter.  President Obama won re-election, he said, and therefore the people have spoken, and accepted Obamacare.  This is penultimate irony, considering the fact that just a few years ago, as President Obama was making a big show of sitting down to the table with Republicans whose advice and ideas he eventually ignored as they hashed out the provisions of Obamacare, the president wagged is finger at John McCain, reminding him that “the election is over.”  By this, he meant to say, “Sit down and shut up, because I won, and you lost.”

But never in our nation’s history has this been how our political system works.  After all, Senator Cruz was elected in 2010, in the Tea Party’s sweep that turned control of the House back over to the GOP.  John McCain telling Ted Cruz to quiet down and comply just because President Obama won an election woudl be tantamount to telling the signers of the Declaration of Independence to tear up their document – after all, King George is the king.  But even though the inside-the-beltway politicians want to live as though they are America’s nobility, we don’t recognise nobility here in America, and a knock-down drag-out fight is just what Washington needs to bring it out of the dream world it has become, and bring it back to the reality that the rest of America has to live in.

This is the problem with the old-guard in Washington.  Republicans are supposed to stand for smaller government, but the Left can pass massive bills taking control over Americans’ lives, such as Obamacare, or the Dodd-Frank bill, continuing and increasing the federal government’s encroachment on our freedoms, and the old guard tells us that we shouldn’t complain, we should comply.  The Environmental Protection Agency can deply its very own swat team on a tiny mining town in the-middle-of-nowhere, Alaska, but we shouldn’t make a big deal about it.  The Department of Homeland Security can stockpile bullets and guns and even tanks, but we shouldn’t talk about that – we don’t want to look like conspiracy theorists.

Recently, I have been re-reading Atlas Shrugged.  Every time I read it, its parallels to what is happening in our government today become all the more chilling.  We need more people in Washington who are like Hank Reardon – people who will call a spade a spade, who will stand up for what is right, and who will call out evil when they see it, not waffle around always playing political games out of fear of how some in society will perceive them.  Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee are the kind of men we need in Washington – men who command respect because they will stand up for what is right and will address the issues head-on, as opposed to what we have in Washington now – a group of old farts who show fake respect to each other because they’ve been in Washington for too long.


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