Obama’s Dream World

Welcome to Fantasy Land – it’s not just for Disney anymore; thanks to the Democratic Party, we’re taking the fantasy nation-wide.

Thanks to the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act, citizens across America can keep their doctor and stay on their insurance plan.  Insurance rates have already dropped significantly, and will only go down further as more of the Act is implemented.  People are signing up for the health care exchanges in droves, finding that the rates are extremely affordable.

At least, that’s what President Obama and HHS Secretary Sebilius would like us to believe, as they show us their very best Billy Mays impressions, telling the American public what a “great product” they’re shelling out, and how much the American people love it.

The problem for Democrats is that the harder they work to perpetuate their dream world, the harder reality comes back to bite them, as their every promise and assertion turns out to be just another lie.

You can even see how the dream is falling apart in President Obama’s sales pitch – in between telling us what a great product Obamacare is, he says that “rates are lower than expected.”  At long last, he has given up on telling us that rates will go down, primarily because no one is buying that schtik anymore…now the big selling point is that rates haven’t skyrocketted quite as high as the Administration thought they would.

The truth of Obamacare’s failure has become so apparent that the news media – including some of President Obama’s staunchest supporters at MSNBC and CNN – have finally been forced to start reporting the truth about the confiscatory rates of the Obamacare exchanges. There is nothing quite so entertaining as hearing a guest on MSNBC, when they finally start reporting on the truth of Obamacare’s monumental failures, say “What is this, Fox News?” The Left-Wing media has become so entrenched in the Obama illusion that bringing real truth to people seems like the act of an enemy.

Case in point: When the government was shut down, thanks to the courage of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and a few other conservatives in Congress, they were branded terrorists, hostage takers, jihadists, racists, suicide bombers, anarchists, and just about every other nasty name under the sun. Harry Reid rejected every proposal sent to him, including a proposal to delay Obamacare’s individual mandate for one year.

But all of a sudden, in light of the massive failure that has been Obamacare’s initial roll-out, Democrats in Congress and the Senate are talking about delaying the individual mandate as though they were the ones to come up with the idea. I say, Republicans shoud start branding this new push for a delay as “The Ted Cruz Plan.” At the least, it would make for some great campaign commercials in 2014: “Harry Reid called Ted Cruz a terrorist and an anarchist, but then he went on to vote for the Ted Cruz Plan…so who is the real bomb-thrower here?” Paid for by the committee to abolish Harry Reid.

If there is an advantage to the Affordable Care Act, it is this: As Americans continue to see their health insurance rates skyrocket, as they receive cancellation notices informing them that they are losing their health insurance thanks to Obamacare, as they sign up for the exchanges and see just how unaffordable Obamacare actually is, more and more Americans who have been living with their heads in the sand, buying the Administration’s lies, are beginning to wake up to reality and see just how many lies they have been told over the last five years. The government shutdown showed many Americans just how petty and vindictive President Obama and Harry Reid can be. The truth of Obamacare’s fatal flaws has become so undeniable that even some of the president’s top propagandists have begun reporting the truth.

It almost makes me wonder if Nancy Pelosi, who said “We must pass the bill to find out what is in it” might be starting to regret her vote, now that so many Americans are finding out just how much the Democrats’ health care boondoggle is going to screw them over, as even she, who championed the Affordable Care Act as Speaker of the House at the time, has publicly criticized its implementation.

It must be hard to be a Democrat, having to face the reality you have denied for so long.


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