The Future Of Freedom

President Obama seems to have two true talents: lying to the American people with impunity, and turning America’s allies against us.  Under this president, our nation has seen infringements on our rights and our freedoms, the likes of which, unfortunately, bear stark similarities to the rise of Europe’s fascist regimes of the 1920s and 30s.


It was just a month ago that we saw the federal government targeting Americans during the government shutdown, trying to make people feel the true pain that comes when 15% of the government is sent home.  Monuments were barricaded – but only the monuments people actually wanted to visit.  World War II veterans were denied access to their memorial, while throughout the shutdown, a single, lone barricade stood sadly in front of the World War I Memorial.  Visitors to Yellowstone were harassed by park rangers.  Elderly veterans were threatened with arrest.  Families were forced from their homes, and businesses were forced to close.  All for no reason other than that President Obama wanted us to feel the pain.

And in the end, the chilling refrain from government employees: “we were only following orders.”

America’s new spying programs have been controversial among Americans for longer than Barack Obama has been president, but what was untenable to Democrats and acceptable to Republicans under George W. Bush has been amplified and expanded under today’s president…and yet, these amplified and expanded practices seem little more than political fodder.  What was untenable to Democrats under the previous president is just fine to many Democratic politicians today, and what was fine back then is untenable to Republicans today.

In reality (and in retrospect), we should never have put up with any of it.

The government now collects data on pretty much every phone call made within the United States, and U.S. citizens, it seems, have little recourse other than to accept this fact.  The NSA has built a massive data center to store all of the data they collect for an indeterminate amount of time – all while we are assured by our government that the wiretapping is used solely to fight terrorism.  Under these programs, the American People have no privacy from our government – our phones can be tapped or tracked any time, anywhere, with or without a court order.  NSA employees were even caught tracking their significant others, checking up on their locations, listening to their phone calls, just to make sure they weren’t being cheated on.

At your next speed-dating event, if she says she works for the government, keep moving.

And the Obama administration was not content to stop with spying on everyone in the United States.  Recent revelations from whistleblower-turned-fugitive Edward Snowden have revealed that the NSA has been spying on the governments of Brazil and Germany – two of our allies.  The spying in Germany even went so far as tapping Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cellphone – what would be considered an invasion of privacy for any citizen, but represents a major international incident when pointed at a foreign head of state.  Then, as if this was not enough, the Obama administration outed an Israeli strike on Russian missiles that were being routed to Hezbollah through Syria – only the latest in a long string of snubs, insults, and outrages from the Obama administration to our strongest ally in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, here at home, the federal government is doing all it can to squelch private industry for any and all companies that fail to ally themselves with the Administration – and for some companies, even selling yourself out to the cronyism that is today’s “capitalism” isn’t enough to escape the administration’s path of destruction.

The Affordable Care Act is actively ruining America’s health insurance industry, as masses of regulations cause Americans to lose their insurance policies and force insurers to reduce the number of options they offer. The employer mandate hasn’t kicked in yet, and was even delayed for a year, but employers across America have cut back hours, stopped expanding, and some have even contracted in anticipation of the coming deluge of new regulation.

The EPA has gone on a rampage against the coal industry, with new regulations specifically designed to force companies out of business. Domestic sources of oil remain untapped, and the Keystone project still has not happened.

Unemployment remains high, and according to economic indicators, it will not be improving any time soon. Meanwhile, the government-reported unemployment rate continues its downward trend, spurred on by increasing numbers of Americans who have given up looking for work.

Meanwhile, government spending has never been higher. More Americans than ever are on food stamps; the Obama administration has sent people out to actively recruit people to get on the welfare roles. Food stamps have become their own form of currency; they are bought, sold, and traded, regardless of the illegality of the practice, so that people who get them but don’t need them can get around the restrictions on what can be bought with them. Today, it seems, the freest of the free are not those who produce and work to build up America into a more productive society; instead, those who seek to live off the system are the most richly rewarded.

Where, under the spying eyes and crushing regulations of our current government, could any nation have grown to the heights America has? Nowhere on Earth. We have seen it time and time again as despotic regimes either come crashing down under their own weight, or are brought down by external forces, as free nations unify against them. But now, perhaps for the first time in history, we are seeing a true threat: in an advanced society – advanced to the point that even small nations have global reach, where a small, poor nation like North Korea can influence events and policies across the globe, the world’s greatest bastion of freedom is slipping from her heights. We are using the abundance – both the money and the gadgets – that our nation’s prosperity has brought us to destroy the very freedoms that allowed us to gain that abundance.

Then there are the guns.  The reasons for America’s Second Amendment are abundantly clear, yet the Obama administration has been on a constant mission to infringe upon Americans’ fundamental rights.  While they traffic small arms to Mexican drug cartels and Middle-Eastern terrorists (see the list of scandals below), those same small arms in the hands of law-abiding American citizens pose an unacceptable threat.  This is perpetuated by media lies and innuendo each and every time some mentally unstable person uses a gun to cause tragedy, but despite the fact that millions of guns are owned by millions of law-abiding Americans, who use them for sport, hunting, target shooting and self-defense, and never for senseless violence, it makes more sense to put guns into the hands of murdering drug traffickers and Jihadist terrorists than to allow Americans who want little more than to defend their homes, their families, and their nation to own such weapons.

So many scandals that have gone unpunished on this president’s watch that they are becoming difficult to count.  Barack Obama’s scandals have become so numerous, it’s almost enough to make one long for the days of Richard Nixon.  A new Obama scandal isn’t breaking news anymore; it’s just another part of the regular news cycle.

Let me count the ways:

  1. First there was Fast and Furious, the gunrunning scheme where President Obama’s ATF aided in small-arms trafficking to Mexican drug cartels – including rifles and even grenades.  Fast and Furious weapons have been linked to the deaths of at least two U.S. Federal agents, Mexican law enforcement, as well as hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens.  During the course of the investigation into Fast and Furious, whistleblowers were persecuted by the ATF.  Attorney General Eric Holder was found to be in Contempt of Congress, charges he has yet to answer for, and President Obama invoked Executive Privilege to avoid revealing key documents to Congressional investigators.
  2. America still has not gotten answers on what happened in Benghazi on 9/11/12.  The only thing we know for sure is that four Americans were killed, one of them an Ambassador, and the Obama administration did nothing.  We still do not know who gave the military the “stand down” order, or why, when forces were readily available, no one was sent in to rescue our people.  The survivors are still largely hidden away, and once again, whistleblowers have been targeted by the administration.  We have no answers as to why, if CNN could find and interview the ringleader behind the attack, the U.S. government couldn’t find him and detain or kill him.  We still don’t know where President Obama was during the seven hour attack, though we do know that he was headed for Las Vegas the next day for a campaign fundraiser.
  3. Then there is the IRS scandal – the proof is in, and the truth is out: the Obama Administration used the Internal Revenue Service to target their political opposition during an election year.  This has taken place both through the delaying of decisions on tax exempt status, which is the piece of the scandal that garnered the most attention, and through the oldest trick in the IRS playbook: auditing the enemy.  To-date, the only real “punishment” to result from what was criminal behavior on the part of the IRS was the retirement of Lois Lerner, the ringleader of the tax exempt piece of the scandal…but instead of spending time behind bars, she is collecting a taxpayer-funded pension.
  4. In and amongst President Obama’s bungling of the Syrian chemical weapons controversy, the president snuck through a special exemption for himself from a particular law.  The administration’s response to Bashar Al-Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons was to come out in material support of Syria’s rebel faction, which includes active members and affiliates of Al-Qaida – the organization that has been responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans in a string of attacks going back almost two decades now.  In an attempt to keep his hands clean, President Obama exempted his administration from federal laws banning the U.S. government from providing support to terrorist organizations – making the Obama administration officially a state sponsor of terrorism.
  5. President Obama is an accomplished liar – he can lie on camera without blinking an eye.  Virtually every promise the president made in his grand sales pitch to get Obamacare passed into law has turned out to be a lie, with the biggest controversy being his pledge that “if you like your plan [or doctor], you can keep it – period.”  As it turns out, the Affordable Care Act forces insurers to make drastic changes to their basic health plans, but prevents them from raising premiums to meet with the new coverage, which in the end makes it untenable for insurance companies to keep those plans.  This has led to millions of Americans losing their coverage – something that the Obama administration knew would happen, even as Obama pledged the exact opposite.  The Act’s seemingly endless string of mandates and regulations is making health insurance premiums increasingly unaffordable, and between the sticker shock and the massive failure that is Obamacare’s website, even hardcore Obama-ites at MSNBC and CNN are beginning to see (and rep0rt on) just how insidious Obamacare really is.  Meanwhile, Kathleen Sebilius, who is the woman in charge of Obamacare and’s implementations, is still a gainfully employed member of the Obama administration.

There are more scandals surrounding the Obama administration – Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, the numerous extravagantly expensive vacations, and more exist, to the point that new scandals seem like old news under the Obama administration – but these are the biggies.  These are the scandals which, under any other president, would have brought about articles of impeachment long ago.

Put all of this together – a federal government hostile to its people, which spies on its citizens with impunity and no accountability, has no qualms about spying on its allies and actively working to turn allies away from our side, enacts policies that will ensure our nation’s economic ruin and sells our children’s future to foreign powers in the form of massive debt, and we begin to see that in the freest nation on the planet, freedom is dying out.  It begs the question: if fascism once again rears its head on the world stage – which it undoubtedly will – will America be fighting for freedom, or will we be the force of oppression?



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