The Affirmative Action President

Just a few days ago, Oprah (upon whom President Obama just bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom) went on a little rant about whose who criticize the president.  According to her, the reason Barack Obama has been so criticized since even before his first election is because Americans are racist.  In other words, The Oprah just laid out the same old, tired excuse for President Obama’s failures as every other liberal commentator for the past five years.  Way to jump on the bandwagon, Oprah.

It wasn’t all that long ago that liberals were so giddy over the fact that someone had Google-bombed President George W. Bush’s website until it was the number 1 search result for the term “miserable failure.”  Now we have a president who is a miserable failure, and no matter where you turn, you find rabid leftists crying “racism” every time anyone happens to point out how he has failed.

Barack Obama’s election and time in office has been like Affirmative Action writ large for the presidency.  Here is a man with hardly any qualifications – by all somewhat verifiable accounts (made that much tougher to verify since he sealed his school records), he was not a very good student – he certainly didn’t do much to distinguish himself, since it has been so difficult to find anyone from his class at Colombia University who remembers him at all.  He was a “community organizer,” which is basically code-speak for “race-baiting rabble-rouser,” certainly not a distinguished career path.  During his time as a community organizer, he played an active role, in his own way, in creating the housing bubble by getting low-income black families to sue banks that refused to loan them money that they would not be able to pay back.

His political career was launched in the home of a domestic terrorist.  He won elections to both state and federal offices not on his own merits, but by digging up his opponents’ sealed divorce records and leaking the juiciest parts to the media.  His time in the United States Senate was really rather bland – more often than not, he voted “present.”

In fact, it seems that there were only two distinguishing features that propelled Barack Obama into the White House: He could give a good speech (as long as he was on-prompter), and he is half-black.

The first feature – giving good speeches – allowed Barack Obama to woo the masses with talk of “hope” and “change,” promising bipartisanship to a nation that is tired of politicians’ petty squabbles, and promising open and honest government to a nation sick of secrecy and lies.  He promised humility and repentance to a world tired of American interventionism.

But what does President Obama stand for in practice?  He has proven to be an ideologue, more willing to work with hostile Islamofascist regimes than our nation’s staunchest allies, and even members of the other party right down the street from the White House.  He has shown more disdain for Americans who disagree with his policies than for terrorists who want to see us all dead.  He has brought quite a bit of change, but mostly to the benefit of his political cronies and campaign donors.  He has run one of the most secretive administrations in U.S. history, attempting to cover up just about everything his administration does, from the mundane to the illegal.  He has continued wars he promised to end, spied on and spurned our allies, and even tried to start a war for no discernible reason other than an oil.

His administration was complicit in running small arms to Mexican drug cartels – those guns and grenades are still turning up in murder investigations in Mexico – the arms Obama trafficked are still being used to kill innocent Mexican civilians.

His administration sat by and did nothing when the people of Iran were rising up, crying for someone, anyone, to help them overthrow their oppressive Islamofascist government.  He then did everything he could to aid the Islamofascist takeovers that were the so-called “Arab Spring.”

His administration sat by and did nothing as a U.S. consulate was attacked by Muslim terrorists in Benghazi.  When the U.S. ambassador was brutally murdered, they still did nothing.  The next day, both President and Secretary of State told bald-faced lies about the cause of the attack, and then the president took off to Las Vegas for a campaign fundraiser.  The perpetrators of that attack have still not been apprehended by U.S. authorities, though CNN seemed to have no trouble tracking down the ringleaders for an interview.

His administration’s Internal Revenue Service engaged in politically motivated attacks against conservative groups in the hopes of swaying the 2012 election in their favor.

His administration falsified employment data in order to further sway that same election.

His administration has grown our nation’s debt more than all other past presidents combined, a tall order for a man who, as a United States Senator, excoriated his predecessor for wanting to raise the debt ceiling.

His administration, along with his allies in Congress, have repeatedly lied about the “benefits” of Obamacare.  Thus far, the Affordable Care Act has been responsible for multiple violations of the United States Constitution, millions of Americans losing their health insurance, millions of Americans facing higher premiums for their health insurance, a website boondoggle that has highlighted the administration’s dishonesty and incompetence, and multiple criminal HIPAA violations that would have any private agency facing prosecution by now.

But despite all of this, anyone who dares to criticize the Affirmative Action President is a racist.  In fact, I myself am a racist just for pointing out the president’s many failures.

The truly sad thing is, these ever-present accusations of racism have, by-and-large, been effective in the political theater that is Washington DC. By all rights, Republicans should be standing strong, unyielding opposition President Obama’s every bad policy. By now, thanks to his administration’s many crimes and failures, the president should be facing impeachment – after all, bugging one office was enough to get Richard Nixon impeached, but using the NSA, President Obama has bugged the entire nation, and some (if not all) of our foreign allies, too. And yet, thanks to the ceaseless threat of being labeled a racist, Republicans have hung back, failing to give this criminal administration the opposition it deserves.

Meanwhile, Liberals are laughing all the way to the bank, knowing that their greatest Affirmative Action hire of all time will remain largely unopposed, as long as they keep it in people’s heads that any form of opposition to the president is an act of racism. Frankly, I’m a little surprised that they haven’t made criticizing the president a Hate Crime yet.


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