Bad Budget Deal

My latest column is up at AND Magazine!

Here is an excerpt:

Glory be! The Republicans and Democrats have finally come together and reached a deal, and with hardly any fighting! This is the kind of thing that progressives have been dreaming about and deriding conservatives over: our legislators have finally come together and compromised. Finally, things are getting done.


And of course, as tends to happen when Progressive Republicans start working hand-in-hand with Progressive Democrats, conservatives aren’t buying it. This budget deal is bad for America, and no good will come of it.


The deal does away with the Sequester cuts (good news to the Left, bad news to our kids and grandkids, who will be left dealing with more debt), trading immediate spending increases and tax hikes for the promise of future cuts. It truly is sad to see Republicans jumping on this bandwaggon yet again – every member of the GOP should know better by now. The Progressive Left has a very long history of promising future spending cuts in exchange for something they want right now, and each and every time, they get exactly what they want, only to go back on all of their promises later. It happened to Reagan in the 80s. It happened to George H.W. Bush (remember “Read my lips – no new taxes”?). You would think the Republicans would have figured out by now that Democrat promises of “cuts” are not to be trusted.

Continue reading here.


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