What Really Happened In Denver

News of a school shooting at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado (a suburb of Denver) briefly flashed in national headlines, and then suddenly diminished.  It hasn’t completely disappeared from the national media, but it definitely doesn’t have the media presence one would expect, what with the 1-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting spurring a renewed call by the Left for more gun control laws.

There are several reasons why the Left hasn’t been giving this incident the same level of attention as other, similar incidents…

1. If it bleeds, it leads…

At Newtown, 20 children and 6 adults were killed.  At Arapahoe High School, there was one victim, though the shooter had planned a larger attack.  But for the mainstream media, body count = headlines, so this just wasn’t a story worth pursuing.

2. No evil black rifles.

The shooter at Arapahoe High went in with a shotgun – Joe Biden’s weapon of choice – along with several Molotov cocktails.  The mainstream media narrative revolves entirely around banning those evil AR-15 rifles (though to the media, they are never just referred to as “AR-15,” they are always “military-style assault” rifles).


3. The politics just don’t add up.

Time after time after time after time, the media blames conservatives and/or the Tea Party for acts of violence.  Each and ever time, those accusations turn out to be false, yet they never fail to re-emerge the next time some crazy wacko goes on a violent rampage.  In this case, the shooter was an avid Leftist who held socialist views, denigrated capitalism, and praised Keynesian economics…but in what is one of the most blatant examples of political reporting, the Denver Post edited its story about the shooter, changing the phrase “a very opinionated socialist” to “very opinionated.”  Left-wing violence doesn’t further the gun control narrative, and therefore must be scrubbed from the media reports.

4. It proves the NRA’s point.

After Sandy Hook, the nation went through a massive debate over how best to prevent such a tragedy from happening in the future.  Several approaches were discussed: the Left wanted to ban all evil black rifles (and they still do) and have mandatory gun registration to make it easier for them to ban all guns sometime down the road.  Measures to identify and help people with mental health issues were also discussed.

One idea brought up by the NRA was allowing school staff who received proper training to carry concealed handguns – this would act both as a deterrent to potential mass murderers, and as a defense for students and faculty if someone did decide to try to shoot up a school.

As it just so happens, there was an armed officer on the campus at Arapahoe High that day, and it is that man who has received quite credit for stopping the shooter in the few media reports that are out there mentioning him.  It’s very similar to what happened last year when a crazy man decided to shoot people in an Oregon mall – a man who happened to have been carrying a concealed handgun confronted the man, and defused the situation without even firing a shot.  In that case, the shooter killed 3 people before being confronted with an armed opponent…after that, the next bullet he fired was into his own skull.

This is a huge question: how many more people would have been killed at Arapahoe High School if there hadn’t been an armed security officer there that day?  So many people were killed at Sandy Hook because, by the time police did arrive at the school, they then had to stand-off until they could determine whether there was one shooter, or multiple shooters.  By the time they moved in, 20 children and 6 adults were dead, and the shooter had taken his own life.  In the end, it’s a question of efficiency – a trained, armed person who is on-site can take action much more quickly than a large group who may take 5-10 minutes just to arrive at the scene, and then have to spend extra time assessing the situation after that.

Arm our teachers. Do it for the children.

For the Left and the mainstream media, gun control isn’t about saving lives, it’s about asserting control.  If it were about saving lives, then examples like Arapahoe High School and the mall in Oregon would clue the Left in – the proverbial light bulb would come on and they would begin to understand that when every mass shooting in the past 50 years, save one, has occurred at a “gun free” zone, creating more gun free zones is not the way to fix the problem.

As tragic as it is that one girl remains in critical condition in a coma, the simple truth is that what happened at Arapahoe High School could have been much, much worse.  This incident is a prime example of the importance of having armed and trained individuals at our public schools – because unlike gun bans, which have ranged from ineffective to entirely counterproductive, having armed individuals guarding our children has been proven effective.


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