Why Care About Christie?

My latest column is up at AND Magazine!

Here is an excerpt:

With all of the furor over Chris Christie and “bridge-gate,” you would think the governor of New Jersey had personally put out the road cones himself. It’s really quite transparent, seeing the man viewed as Hilary Clinton’s toughest challenger for the 2016 presidential election being taken down a peg in a “major” scandal.

I mean, really? With all of the media targeting Christie so virulently, you would have thought that he had…

Used the IRS to influence an election.


Or maybe…


Trafficked guns to Mexican drug cartels.


Or maybe…


Fudged the unemployment rate to influence an election.


Or maybe…


Disappeared while foreign militants killed a U.S. ambassador & three other Americans, and then flew off to Vegas.


Or maybe…


Spent over $600 million taxpayer dollars on a website that completely fails the most basic functions.


Or maybe…


Spied on every American’s phone calls and emails in violation of the 4th Amendment.


But because one of Christie’s top aides closed off a few traffic lanes in a dumb, petty reprisal, Christie deserves more ire than anyone in the federal government has over the past five years.

Continue reading here.


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