Delay Everything

Yet again, the Obama White House has taken a unilateral move to delay another provision of Obamacare.  Apparently, the IRS is supposed to keep an eye on companies to ensure that they aren’t offering top-tier insurance plans that “discriminate in favor of highly-compensated individuals.”  This is where the Affordable Care Act truly gets into socialism – we all get stuck with the same crappy insurance, even if you can afford something better…and if your company wants to reward its executives with better insurance, well, that’s discrimination.

The problem with this provision is that the Internal Revenue Service has no measure by which they can enforce this vague requirement.  They have no definition of “highly-compensated,” and they can’t really tell what constitutes “discrimination.”  It’s almost as though that part was written by a community organizer – they’ll build their progressive ideals into the law, but without strict legal definitions, it’s completely unenforceable.

And since the Internal Revenue Service has received implicit permission from the Obama administration to discriminate against conservatives, they probably shouldn’t be enforcing these kinds of provisions anyway, or pretty soon we’ll find that only companies that donate to conservative causes practice this brand of discrimination.

Of course, you would think that, in the three-plus years since President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, someone over at the IRS might have raised a red flag so that they could fix this provision…but instead, we get more amateur hour from the Obama administration, as they wait until the last minute, and then delay yet another provision that they just didn’t think through.

It’s really sad watching the Democrats fight tooth and nail to keep this ill-conceived law on the books, while every provision, great and small, is subject to seemingly endless arbitrary delays as they realize that the Affordable Care Act just doesn’t work.

They had three years to build the website, and four months to fix it, yet still the problems continue.  The government really has no idea how many people have signed up for the exchanges…and the people who have signed up for the exchanges through the federal website have no idea whether or not they actually have insurance.  The website was so bad that President Obama had to unilaterally delay the mandated cut-off day for people to sign up and keep continuous coverage, yet many of those who did sign up prior to that deadline still don’t know whether or not they actually have coverage today.

It seems that everything that could have gone wrong with Obamacare has gone wrong, yet conservatives are still called extremists for wanting to repeal what has become the one of the greatest failures in the history of government programs.

But according to the Democrats, repeal is not an option – they will just delay those provisions that don’t work…which begs the question: since the entire AFA is broken, why not just delay everything for the rest of all time?  It’s not a repeal, but as long as the Affordable Care Act never sees the light of day, it’s just as good an option.


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