California’s Gun Ban

My latest column is up at AND Magazine!

Here is an excerpt:


Gun control has been a constant drumbeat in California politics. Every year, gun-grabbing politicians in Sacramento introduce bill after bill after bill trying to deprive Californians of our Second Amendment rights. The push is so constant that I often wonder how long it will take before I, a law-abiding gun owner who has never committed a crime, will suddenly become a felon under California law because some politician decides that he can deprive me of my rights in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Now, the Second Amendment is facing a new crisis in California. The state government has found a new way to get rid of guns in California: microstamping. In theory, microstamping is a process whereby when a handgun is fired, the firing pin stamps information about the gun onto the cartridge casing. The idea behind microstamping is that, when a crime is committed involving a handgun, police will be able to trace the crime back to the gun’s owner – the microscopic stamp would serve as proof that the gun’s owner was physically at the scene of the crime.

There are several problems with this, the primary problem being that microstamping doesn’t really work. There was, allegedly, one successful demonstration of microstamping back in 2007, but one successful test does not a good plan make. One significant problem with using the firing pin to stamp cartridge casings is that firing pins tend to wear down over time. It wouldn’t take much time at all for a laser-etched microstamp to wear off, and then the casings aren’t being stamped anymore. In order to remain in compliance with the law, legal gun owners would have to verify that their gun is leaving a mark which they cannot see on their casings when they fire their guns.

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