Showdown In Connecticut

My latest column is up at AND Magazine!

Here is an excerpt:

The state of Connecticut faces a crucial decision. The state passed a law last year requiring the registration of so-called “assault weapons” – semi-automatic rifles with certain cosmetic features. The deadline for registration was December 31, 2013, and the response to the law by Connecticut’s law-abiding gun owners was extremely underwhelming.


The state government does not know exactly how many of these rifles are in their state, but only just over 50,000 were registered by the December deadline. There are estimates that as many as 300,000 citizens of Connecticut defied the law, meaning that 300,000 people went from being perfectly law-abiding citizens to class-D felons overnight.

There has been no shortage of speculation as to how the state of Connecticut will end up responding to this phenomenon. The most common theories revolve around the state government performing door-to-door confiscation raids on suspected gun owners. There have already been reports of the state government asking citizens to report on their neighbors if they suspect them of owning one of these “assault rifles.”

Confiscation, of course, would be problematic for the state. Proponents of the Second Amendment are already wary of the overuse of registration laws, which have historically been used to aid later confiscation efforts. If the state begins knocking down doors to confiscate firearms, armed resistance is practically inevitable…and with gun owners across America keeping a close eye on the situation in Connecticut, it would behoove the state government to carefully consider their actions as they move forward.

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  1. the govt simply does not care. they will come for those guns and they dont care how many they have to kill to disarm these people. the state police are already being prepped by the feds and they now have the best weapons and tactics money can buy. already a special squad is being used to enter homes of those suspected of having these weapons. they simply wait till you leave for work then they break in. few realize local police have access to locksmiths on demand and that with a simple phone they can get your home security system disabled. once they find the weapons they exit your home and let the program take over. you get a phone call asking to come down to any number of offices, irs office, your child’s school, you get the picture. then a law enforcement swat team enters your home and takes the weapon. in a day or two they then visit you again with a raid on your home in the middle of the night where you and your family are then hogtied and taken downtown. local school teachers are even being taught how to solicit info from your kids to find out if you have these weapons and more importantly, where you store them. to that end feds are now supplying drones and small tracking devices they can place on your vehicle, just in case you have a secondary location they are not aware of. think you can bury them? think again as they now have some of the most sophisticated mine detection equipment on the planet. think your friends and neighbors can be detected think again. the govt will soon be upping the reward money to get more people to act as snitches. even now those in the forefront of the resistance will soon be seeing their lives turned upside down. imagine going to work and being told you are being let go because local police consider you a public safety menace. imagine a visit to your home and a very nasty warning being given to your family while you are at work. what happens when you go to the store and find out you no longer have any money in your account? how about being picked up and forced to undergo a 30 day mental health evaluation? or a visit by social services and the police as they enter your home and take away your kids? these things are already happenning in california and new york. the state is banking on you backing down. the govt is ready to take this all the way. what gun owners must ask themselves is how far are we willing to go? how much is your freedom worth to you?

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