Clinging to the Titanic

No matter how bad the news gets, America’s leftists simply refuse to acknowledge that anything negative could possibly be going wrong with their baby.


We’ve left the realm of utter ridiculousness far behind us.  It isn’t funny anymore.


In fact, as funny as President Obama’s recent appearance on “Between Two Ferns” was, the only truly un-entertaining part was when the president did what he actually went there to do: shill for Obamacare.  At least the rest of it had some comedy value, but listening to the same tired lies over and over about how great this travesty is just gets old, no matter how the administration tries to dress it up.


When Matt Drudge tweeted about making his first Obamacare penalty payment, the Left – including the White House – jumped all over him, claiming he was lying, because the penalty for refusing to play the administration’s game supposedly doesn’t have to be paid until next year…maybe they should have educated themselves before attacking Drudge, though, since most businesses pay quarterly tax estimates, instead of a single return the following year, as individuals do.


Drudge is still under attack by leftists who apparently didn’t get the memo.  Maybe it’s time to simplify the tax code just so the Left won’t be stuck making such fools of themselves.


Meanwhile, there’s yet another delay in place – this time for everyone.


March 31 is the latest arbitrary deadline to get covered…but, surprise, surprise, if you can’t get covered in time, you can get an extension.  Ostensibly, if you had difficulty signing up for Obamacare, you can get your extension and sign up later.  But, conveniently, the government won’t be verifying whether anyone who files for an extension actually had any trouble signing up, or had even tried to sign up.


I wonder if the extension also applies to people who signed up for insurance on but still haven’t received insurance coverage.


The sad truth is that this system still doesn’t work.  Even today, millions more have lost their insurance than have gotten it under Obamacare.  People who sign up for the exchanges aren’t getting insurance coverage.  Millions who have signed up haven’t paid for anything.


The whole thing is a nightmare in the making, but don’t tell the Democrats that; they’ll be clinging to this sinking ship until long after they’ve drowned us all.


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