Is This The Best We Can Do?

My latest column is up at Right Wing News!

Here is an excerpt:

It seems that Republicans’ plans to stick to the issue of Obamacare right up to the midterm elections are falling through, as Congressional leadership – including and especially Speaker John Boehner – have renewed their push for “comprehensive” immigration reform.  This is a losing issue for Republicans, so it begs the question of why the top politicians in the party would be stupid enough to keep hammering the issue time and time and time again.


The goal, so they say, is to find a bipartisan compromise to solve our nation’s problem with illegal immigration (or undocumented migration, or “acts of love,” depending on who you ask).  Of course, Democrats are on board with comprehensive immigration reform, as would be a vehicle to bring citizenship to millions of Mexican citizens who crossed our border illegally – and whose political leanings tend leftward.  The Democrats’ goal is clear: they want to add millions of new Democrat voters to their roles.  And while this might have the positive effect of cutting down on voter fraud, that is only because the Democrats won’t need to stuff the ballot boxes in order to win elections anymore.  The Republican Party will face permanent minority status.


House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy has also expressed a desire for comprehensive immigration reform, but in his opinion, we need to provide legal status to these illegal immigrants, but stop short of full-fledged citizenship.  Personally, I find this notion ridiculously naive.  If the House puts together a reform package that stops just short of citizenship, the Senate will alter it to include full citizenship.  We have already seen multiple times how today’s Democrats, in leage with their allies in the media, have been able to outmaneuver the GOP on several different issues, no matter how right the Republicans were on the issue.  If it comes down to quibbling over “legal status” vs. citizenship, that is a battle Republicans will lose. 


This November’s elections will be extremely important for the Republican Party, as it is their last chance to take back the Senate during Barack Obama’s presidency.  By pushing so hard to get immigration reform through before the elections, John Boehner seems to be doing all he can to work against his own party and hand the 2014 elections to the Democrats.  But for the party leadership, their focus seems to be more on the threat to their own power from within the party.  Boehner would rather give conservatives the middle finger than to do what is necessary to keep the GOP relevant.

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