There is a disturbing trend of fascism in our world today – not governmental fascism, though that, too is on the rise…but fortunately for freedom-loving Americans, our Constitution still holds enough sway to prevent our government from curtailing all of our rights.

Today, we face the fascism of the mob mentality.

Driven by political correctness and entitlement-minded special interests, free-thinking Americans face the spectre of a society that requires conformity. As an extremely vocal minority, they shun our society’s traditional moral values, while demanding absolute devotion to their own (often arbitrarily decided) moral code. Disobedience means destruction.

This has taken shape most notably in modern media.

HT_benham_brothers_jef_140509_16x9_992The recent news about the HGTV network cancelling their planned show featuring two Christian brothers helping needy families to renovate their homes is just the latest example. The great evil these brothers had perpetrated was to actually speak and act on their faith. They had given voice to their religious objections to gay marriage, and therefore could not be accepted as hosts of a television show that had nothing to do with marriage at all.

According to the brothers (who were interviewed on Glenn Beck’s radio program last week), HGTV had vetted them before they were ever hired to be hosts of the show. HGTV was aware of their stance on gay marriage, and had no problem with it. But the gay agenda in America has risen to such power that when they speak, corporate America cowers.

phil_robertson_duck_dynasty_3Their case bears similarity to last year’s controversy over Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, who was suspended by A&E after he had the audacity to respond honestly to a question posed to him by GQ Magazine. As the brothers pointed out in their interview, Phil had the advantage of having a large and loyal fan base at the time of his media lynching, and facing the prospect of losing huge numbers of viewers from their highest-rated and viewed show, A&E quickly relented; since their show was set to start in October, the bnrothers had no loyal fans to come to their aid.

Then there is also the case of Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla, who was driven out of a company he had helped to found when it was illegally made public that he had donated to the campaign for California’s Prop 8. No one seemed to care that his name had been disclosed illegallyl; the only issue was that he had committed a sin by the measure of modern progressivism, and must be shunned by modern society.

Being a Christian is perfectly acceptable these days, but only as long as your Christianity includes no moral absolutes.

Even Donald Sterling, whose racism had been ignored by the NBA and society in general for decades, was shut out of his own basketball team after potentially illegal recordings of a private conversation were released to the media. Sterling’s girlfriend, who gave the audio to the media, is currently under investigation for extortion. The ethics of taking such actions against Sterling based on illegal acts never seems to be questioned. Nor does it seem to matter that the NBA never cared about Sterling’s racism until they had millions of dollars at stake via corporate sponsorships and playoff advertising…but once their money was threatened, they acted swiftly and decisively, and were hailed as heroes. If Donald Sterling’s racism was so heinous, why did it take this long to drive him out of the NBA? Why not act when he was sued for racist comments and practices in his rental properties? Why did the Clippers players not speak out long ago? The answer: because back then, the apparatus to destroy him was not yet in place.

angry-mobAs a society, we seem to have decided that if you say or do something that is, or can be construed as hateful, then it is perfectly acceptable to bring about your personal destruction by any means necessary. It is deemed to be okay to destroy someone’s life and livelihood for the heinous crime of violating the tenants of political correctness because the First Amendment protects us from the government, not from society in general.

And so, until they can secure the First Amendment’s repeal, the powers of the progressive Thought Police have focused themselves not within the seat of government, but instead in political activist groups. These groups hold themselves as the sole arbiters of right and wrong, and if you violate their strict moral codes, then no possible action taken to destroy you personally and financially can be wrong. You can be trashed in the media and all manner of horrible things can be said about you if you commit the horrible atrocity of standing for your faith.

A movement such as this can be even more dangerous than a government which deprives its people of free speech, because this is a movement bent on the indoctrination of our entire culture. If you think or believe in a way that violates their principles, you must keep your head down, keep your mouth shut, and live in fear, lest they find out what you are really thinking and destroy your life. It is this kind of fascism – the acceptance of complete personal destruction over political correctness – that can all too easily lead to a government that imprisons those who speak their minds and whose thoughts fall out of lock-step with politically acceptable doctrines. This is the method which modern fascists have designed to subvert our protections of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion which are enshrined in our Constitution.


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