The Climate Of Freedom

My latest column is up at AND Magazine!

Here is an excerpt:

A few weeks ago, the White House released a new report on the horrors of “Global Climate Change,” and what America must do to keep this menace from killing us all. The report and its conclusions included the typical hype, and as expected, the Left took the opportunity once again to hammer home their derision of those evil “deniers.”


But skepticism seems to be increasingly warranted, especially when it comes to government entities telling us how much we need to increase the size and power of government to fight the latest scourge that will kill us all. Whenever I hear another left-wing talking head declare that “the science is settled,” I tend to paraphrase Shakespeare: “Methinks they doth protest too much.”


After all, for “settled” science, the narrative on climate change has certainly changed often enough. Just a few decades ago, the big threat was Global Cooling, with hysteric claims of an oncoming ice age, and death and destruction. But as the cooling trend began to level off and then reverse, “Global Warming” became the new narrative. Technological advances allowed the alarmists to make even more hysterical predictions, of floods and an ice age, with death and destruction and hell-fire, now with accompanying computer models. As time went on, and global temperatures once again began to level off, and the alarmists’ predictions failed to come true, the narrative shifted yet again, this time to “Global Climate Change.” When freaking out over specific changes didn’t work, they decided to decry the evils of “change” in general.

And yet, every time the story changes, we are told that “the science is settled.” Every time the alarmists’ predictions fail to come true, we are told “the science is settled.” Every time the scientists are caught fudging the numbers, we are told “the science is settled.” But at this point, the “science” has become so intertwined in big-government politics, it has become impossible to tell where the politics end and the science begins…if there is any real science left in the “climate change” debate.

Continue reading here.


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