Propaganda Trumps Truth

Last week, a news story made the rounds that fits pretty solidly into the category of “too good to be true.”  And by that I mean WAY too good to be true.

The anti-gun group “Moms Demand Action” was planning a rally outside a Target store. The Bloomberg-backed group has been pushing Target in their ongoing campaign to bully corporate America into banning open-carry in their stores, and the planned rally was part of that campaign.

In a piece of amazingly coincidental luck for the message Moms Demand Action was promoting, it just so happens that a loaded handgun was found in the toy section of that very Target store the day before the planned protest. The anti-gun media and MDA immediately seized on the news reports as evidence for why Target should get on board with their anti open-carry agenda immediately.



But like I said, the news stories seem way too good to be true. Some of them even read as though they came directly from an MDA press release.

The media reports leave some rather significant questions mysteriously unanswered, such as:

  • Did the Target store have video evidence of who placed the gun in the toy aisle?
  • Do the police have any information on who the gun was registered to?
  • Do they have any idea when the gun was planted? For example, was it planted early in the morning or late in the day, when it was more likely to be discovered by a Target employee than by a child?

Of course, enough of the media are on-board with the Bloomberg anti-gun agenda that the answers to these questions will likely never see the light of day. But one thing is for certain: as irritating as some of the open-carry activists may be, there is no way they’re just going to forget a loaded handgun in the toy aisle of the local department store. The gun itself, according to a photo on MDA’s Facebook page, looks like a cheap Hi-Point…you know, the kind of gun some anti-gunner would go out and buy when they didn’t want to spend a bunch of money because they’re just going to plant it in a toy aisle.  One person quoted in Forbes even stated, “I don’t think someone would accidentally drop off a gun. I think he purposely left it there for a child to pick up and think, ‘Oh it’s a toy gun,’ and accidentally point it at somebody and it goes off.”  Sad to say, but such a tragedy would be a huge boon for MDA.

And these kinds of tactics aren’t exactly out of character for today’s anti-gun nuts. ABC News ran an hour-long special on their “study” where they placed pink rifles and handguns (unloaded) on playgrounds and in toy chests to see if kids would play with them. The result of the study was (gasp!) That guns shouldn’t be left on playgrounds or in toy chests! Imagine that!

Bloomberg’s anti-gun groups have also been trying to stoke the fears of moms by producing commercials depicting children playing hide-and-seek, when one hides in the closet and happens to find a gun in an un-secured box on the floor. The logical conclusion, according to them: If you own a gun, your children will die.

The discovery of this handgun at Target on the eve of a Moms Demand Action protest is too convenient to be a coincidence, no matter how strenuously MDA may deny it. The most likely explanation is that these activists so rabidly believe in their cause that they are willing to put children in danger by planting a loaded handgun in order to further their anti-gun narrative – even if it was done without the organization’s direct approval. The authorities are, no doubt, investigating. The big question, however, is that if the gun ends up being traced back to the anti-gun movement, will the press give it anywhere near the amount of attention given to the story of its discovery?

Not likely.


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