Take Me To Our Leader

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.


Here is an excerpt.

and_image_1334935244The current crisis on our southern border has been building for decades, as America’s political class has repeatedly abdicated their responsibility to protect our nation through the years, allowing lawlessness to prevail along our border, and then citing a history of lawlessness to justify today’s lawlessness.


But instead of looking back at the failures of the past to justify the failures of today, it is time to do something novel: it is time to fix the problem.


Illegal immigrants are pouring across our border – thousands more every day. And unlike what the mainstream media and the politicians are reporting, it is more than just unaccompanied children crossing our border. These illegal immigrants are bringing diseases with them. There have been reports of scabies, lice, tuberculosis, swine flu, dengue fever, and more as people continue to flood our border. Cramped conditions in processing centers provide ideal circumstances for these diseases to spread; there have already been reports of border agents contracting scabies while working to process the thousands of immigrants that have been dumped on them. And with the presence of Ebola in Africa, which could all too easily spread to Central America, the dangers on our southern border are very, very real.


To make matters worse, in order to make room in the overwhelmed processing centers on the border, the federal government has been busing these illegal immigrants all across the nation. In some areas, people have been asked to open up their homes to house illegal immigrant children.


Continue reading here.


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