Whiner In Chief

Barack Hussein Obama may be the most skillful liar to ever serve in the White House.


He gave a “speech” today that was actually more of a whining session about how Republicans refuse to give him what he wants.

He slammed the Republicans’ immigration bill as “extreme,” primarily because it doesn’t give him everything he wants on immigration.  The truth is that the bill the GOP is fighting itself to get passed in the House is milquetoast, doing virtually nothing to halt the president’s policies that have led to the current flood of illegal immigrants into the United States, which is the problem that conservative Republicans have with the bill.  Basically all it does it to change the portion of the law that basically gave a free pass to non-Mexican unaccompanied minors who entered the U.S. illegally.

But President Obama wants billions of dollars in extra funding, and amnesty for decades worth of illegal immigrants.  Anything less, to him, is “extreme,” and he will whine and complain until he gets his way.

He went on to complain (yet again) about how Republicans in Congress are suing him for going it alone…yet his penchant for executive action has been one of the primary drivers of our current immigration crisis, as he has made it a matter of policy for his administration to refuse to enforce our nation’s immigration laws.  He alleged that Republicans’ failure to pass an immigration bill (or to pass one so “extreme” it will be rejected by the Senate and would be vetoed by him) gives him the message that he should take unilateral executive action, but in truth, the only message that it should be sending is that President Obama should start directing his administration to enforce the immigration laws that are already on the books.

After all, how can we possibly know which parts of our immigration system are truly broken if no one in the federal government is following the system laid out in our immigration laws?  Why should anyone in our nation’s legislature pass any new laws if the Executive Branch is primarily engaged in ignoring the laws that are already on the books?


He went on to complain about Senate Republicans blocking his appointment of career diplomat John Tefft to be America’s next ambassador to Russia…and yet, as tends to be the case, Republicans have very good reasons for blocking Tefft’s appointment.  While he definitely has the bona fides for the post, John Tefft was, until very recently, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine.  Since Russia and Ukraine are currently in conflict, sending John Tefft to Russia is a boneheaded maneuver on the president’s part – if, that is, he wants to affect positive change in the Ukrainian conflict.  It’s not that Republicans are being combative for the sake of being combative; they just aren’t as dumb as President Obama when it comes to foreign policy.  They are holding up lots of other ambassadorial appointments, as well, some for being unqualified (President Obama, like many other presidents, likes to give ambassadorship to campaign donors, and does this much more often than past presidents), and some for political purposes.


The truth is that President Obama likes having a combative Congress who won’t give him everything he wants, because it has given him a great narrative as he ignores America’s significant issues and tours the nation raising money for Democrat election campaigns.  Because while President Obama is terrible when it comes to leadership and enforcing the law, he’s extremely competent at political maneuverings.


If only America’s greatest need were a narcissistic political manipulator of the highest order, President Barack Obama would be the greatest president in American history.  Unfortunately, we need the other kind.


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