Come On, Texas, What The Hell?

Texas has long been respected by freedom-loving Americans as our nation’s greatest bastion of individual liberty.  They are one of the last states in the union where cowboys are still revered, where the Alamo is remembered.  Texas truly is one of the greatest states in the nation.

But then their’s Sheila Jackson Lee.

How or why the people of Texas keep voting this woman into office truly boggles the mind.

Consider this, from last week:

Sheila Jackson Lee was the co-sponsor of a bill to impeach George W. Bush.

Or this:

There is no North & South Vietnam, not since about 1976.


There’s also this:

That’s right…while illegal aliens pour over our Southern border virtually unrestricted, Congresswoman Lee says that “the border is under control.”  This is coming from the Democrats’ ranking member of the House Border Security Committee.  Even the MSNBC talking head doesn’t seem to buy what Lee is selling.


Or this, where she alleges that the Constitution is 400 years old:

I mean, seriously, Texas, WTF is wrong with you that this woman continues to be elected?


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