Bucking For Impeachment

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

President Obama seems to have firmed up his primary domestic policy goal for 2014: impeachment. While he has spent a lot of time on the campaign trail complaining about John Boehner’s push to sue him for exceeding his authority, he continues his own push to exceed his authority.

The president has spent more time complaining about Republicans in Congress than he has spent actually doing anything productive to fix any of the problems that he’s helped to create. He actually had the audacity to say that Republicans’ failure to pass an emergency bill on the border would be a tacit endorsement of his “executive action”…right after stating that he would veto the emergency bill that Congress was already working on.

It’s also worth noting that President Obama’s previous executive actions have directly contributed to the current humanitarian crisis on our border. This hardly gives one confidence when hearing the president say that he plans to act alone.

While President Obama spends an inordinate amount of time whining about Republicans in Congress, he is hardly the first president to face a divided Congress, and he really should consider himself lucky that he has a Democrat-controlled Senate to cover his ass while he accuses Republicans of doing nothing. After all, Congress has passed over 300 bills – many of them with bipartisan support – only to see them languish in eternal limbo in the Senate, where Harry Reid refuses to allow them to be brought to a vote. And since the media completely ignores this fact, it gives President Obama and other Democrats a great talking point to tout on the campaign trail.

Continue reading here.


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