The ISIS Threat

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.


Here is an excerpt:

In December, 2011, President Obama described Iraq as “sovereign, stable, and self-reliant.” Less than three years later, we can see that Iraq’s stability and self-reliance were less than a sure thing.

The swiftness with which ISIS arose is particularly disturbing, particularly given the timeline of events in Syria. The CIA began delivering arms to Syrian rebels in September of 2013, with the Obama administration giving assurances that those weapons would not end up in the hands of Al-Qaida militants. Personally, I think it is no coincidence that not long after that, this radical Al-Qaida offshoot began gaining power and expanding beyond Syria.

In Michael R. Davidson’s recent article, he points out that, throughout the religion’s history, Islam has been spread through violence. It’s typically of the “convert or die” variety, though some ‘lucky’ non-Muslims get to pay the jizya, which basically amounts to Islam’s version of “protection” money. Like mobsters, they force non-Muslims to pay the jizya tax, and if you don’t pay, you could see your business or your home destroyed, and face beatings & even death…and Islamists are notorious for going after entire families, not just individuals.

In the past, the West has had a unifying factor that brought people and nations together to oppose the violent spread of Islam: Christianity. But in today’s post-modern society, Christianity doesn’t unify the free world like it used to. In fact, in the United States’ climate of Political Correctness, Christians are one of the few remaining groups for whom ridicule is still acceptable. This definitely doesn’t help matters any when it comes to uniting the world under one banner to oppose a group that is with no doubt the face of evil in the modern world.

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