Time For Real Justice

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

A widespread outbreak of insanity seems to have gripped Ferguson, MO, with no sign of letting up. While authorities desperately grapple for control of the situation, violence and looting continue nightly. The New Black Panthers are on the scene, working to incite even more violence, and keep things stirred up. On Saturday night, the first night of an officially imposed curfew in Ferguson, the violence not only continued, but escalated, with reports of police retreating under fire from rioters. The ongoing looting has devastated small businesses throughout the town.

But as evidence continues to emerge about the shooting of Michael Brown, it’s looking more and more as though the shooting may have been justified after all. Authorities released security camera footage that allegedly shows Michael Brown pushing around a store owner, as he and his friend steal a box of cigars – his friend who, by the way, has given multiple press interviews accusing the police officer of murdering Brown. New video has surfaced, and a conversation that occurs off-screen is rather telling, with an apparent witness stating that Michael Brown was initially running away, but then rushed the officer. This is much more in line with the officer’s reported account of events – and there are more witnesses coming forward corroborating the officer’s account of what happened.

The family commissioned its own autopsy of Michael Brown’s body, and the results have been posted far and wide across the Internet by now. Brown was shot at least six times, all from the front. This doesn’t mean anything conclusive, but it does prove wrong all of those who claimed Brown was shot in the back while running away. One more step closer to the truth…

There are also reports that the officer suffered an orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket. This means that, during his altercation with Brown, he was struck in the face hard enough to break the bones around his eye.

Continue reading here.


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