Elections Over Everything

My latest column is up at AND Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

After spending months – years, even – talking about the importance of “comprehensive” immigration reform, and threatening to take executive action in violation of the Constitution, President Obama has chosen to delay his promised executive mandate until after the November elections. This is quite telling, given the Left’s long-standing push to implement amnesty for the millions who have entered our nation illegally over the past few decades.

But for President Obama, for whom everything seems to inevitably devolve to politics, this was a fairly predictable maneuver. It isn’t the first time, after all, that President Obama has delayed policies after spending so much time talking about how vital they are. He has done it with the implementation of various Obamacare mandates more than once, in order to avoid the inevitable political fallout sure to result from his economy-killing policies.

The president received a “grilling” by NBC’s Chuck Todd over the delay (insomuch as the modern definition of a media “grilling” for a Democrat president means Todd asked the question more than once, to allow the president to make his BS answer slightly more believable).

In his response, President Obama said that of course the delay isn’t about election year politics! It’s all about explaining the importance of an executive action to the American people, and all about formulating an executive action that is sustainable. In other words, the propaganda isn’t quite finished yet, and when they do shred the Constitution, they want to do it in a more subtle way that makes it slightly less likely to give Republicans another argument for impeachment.

Continue reading here.


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