Holder Gone

With Attorney General Eric Holder’s announced resignation, there is a slight possibility that America could see some justice in the Justice Department again…but don’t bet on it.  Barack Obama is still president, after all, and the prevailing theories seem to be that he will either go with another Leftist wacko, in order to energize the Democrat base for the November midterms, or he will go with someone left-of-center, but slightly more moderate, in order to avoid a tough confirmation battle in the Senate.  Either way, we’ll be getting another left-wing Attorney General, and with some of the names floating around (Kamala Harris…ewww), losing Eric Holder won’t be quite as good for America as it should be.

Attn. General Holder Testifies At Senate Judiciary Hearing On Justice Dept OversightOne thing in particular that struck me about Holder’s resignation came from the news stories about his announcement.  While they pointed out that Holder’s tenure had been “controversial,” the AP report only pointed out two things: his calling America “a nation of cowards,” and his opposition to voter ID laws.

Controversy is one thing, but this constitutes an all-out whitewashing of Holder’s time as Attorney General, likely to prevent his horrible record from reflecting poorly on President Obama and other Democrats.

Holder’s “controversy” started early on, when he refused to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party for blatant voter intimidation in Philadelphia during the 2008 election.  The NBPP members were decked out in military-style uniforms, brandishing clubs right outside a polling place.  Under normal circumstances, this would be a federal crime.  But to Eric Holder, complaints about the intimidation were unfounded.  The NBPP members were never prosecuted.

The true hallmark of Holder’s time as Attorney General, though, was his constant obstruction of Congressional investigations.  One of the first (and worst) of these was the Fast and Furious investigation, which culminated with Holder being found in Contempt of Congress – the first Attorney General in U.S. history to be found in contempt.  In the end, President Obama had to swoop in with a questionable claim of Executive Privilege.  To date, Holder still has not answered for those charges, though now that he’s stepping down, there’s a chance he may have to.

Holder’s term was marked by selective enforcement – an extreme negative for a man charged to be America’s top law enforcement officer.  African-Americans and leftists could be assured of some leniency if they were involved in an incident that caught Eric Holder’s attention.  He refused to investigate the IRS scandal, despite repeated calls from the Oversight Committee to do so.

But most of all, Eric Holder distinguished himself by being a pompous, arrogant ass.  After getting into a tiff with Congressman Louie Gohmert over the fact that the Justice Department had refused to hand over documents to Congress in yet another investigation, Holder whined about how poorly he had been treated, alleging that animus shown toward him and President Obama was racially motivated, and that no other Attorney General would be treated this way, despite the fact that it was Holder’s attitude toward Congress – namely, that he didn’t have to be answerable to them – that earned him their disdain.

That Eric Holder is stepping down as Attorney General is, without a doubt, a good thing. Only time will tell whether his replacement will bring Justice back to the Department of Justice again.


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