California’s One-Party System

The midterm elections are rapidly approaching, and my sample ballot came in the mail yesterday.  It made me cringe, seeing the choices offered in this election.

A few years ago, California adopted the idiotic top-two open primary system.  Under this system, all statewide elections have open primaries – anyone can vote for any candidate from any party.  The top two end up on the ballot for the general election.

Now, I don’t know who thought this would be a good idea – probably some left-wing think tank (in the election after the open primary was adopted, 6 California districts ended up with two Democrats facing off in House races).  But every time I look at my sample ballot, it makes me want to skip voting on election day.



Going down the list, this is all I see:


  • Republican
  • Democrat

Lieutenant Governor

  • Democrat
  • Republican

Secretary of State

  • Republican
  • Democrat


  • Democrat
  • Republican


If you’re anything like me, you’re just as frustrated with the politically-correct left-of-center Republican Party as you are with the socialist Democrat Party.  There’s nothing that excites me about Neel Kashkari; if he wins, he has potential to be as disastrous for the GOP as Arnold Schwarzenegger was, as instead of taking a stand based on conservative values, Kashkari will end up fighting the Democrats for largely partisan reasons – because they have a “D” next to their names, while he has an “R.”

The Republican Party has been rendered impotent in California.  While there are a few Republicans in the state Senate and Assembly, they are vastly outnumbered…and they aren’t all conservative, which means that California’s conservative population gets virtually no representation in the state.

I’m not one to give up on the elections process – in fact, I’m usually the guy who gives people a hard time when they say there’s no point in voting.  But with the practical differences between America’s largest political parties vanishing at an alarming rate, all the voters are left with is a choice between criminals and shysters whose only distinguishing feature is whether they side with the elephant or the donkey.


These days, neither major party is taking on the important issues head-on.  Very few in government care about doing what’s right for America.  Rather than being a struggle over the future course of the freest nation on the planet, elections in America – or at least in California – are just a popularity contest to see which party’s corrupt scumbags will control things for the next few years, and which party’s corrupt scumbags will whine and cry about being the oppressed minority.

Don’t get me wrong, we do have some great fighters for conservatism here in California, but those are the people who get beat up by both sides, like Assemblyman Tim Donnelly was in the gubernatorial primary.


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