Containing Ebola

My latest column is up at AND Magazine!

Here is an excerpt:

The Obama administration’s reaction to the arrival of Ebola has revealed some very troubling, very messed-up priorities in the top tiers of our government.

The most recent narrative among the punditry and America’s ever-present race-baiting community is that the death of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola within the United States, died because of racism. Now, I’ve heard about the EMR system issue that led to his being sent home with antibiotics the first time he went to the hospital (or was there really an issue?), but to date, there has been no believable evidence suggesting that Duncan received sub-par medical care due to his race. Not that it takes any evidence to get people hyped up about allegations of racism these days.

Truth be told, the “racism” angle is just a distraction from the real, serious issues about the spread of Ebola. As more time goes on, and the outbreak gets worse in West Africa, the danger that Ebola will continue to spread worldwide continues to deepen. A nurse in Dallas who treated Thomas Duncan has now been diagnosed with Ebola. A nurse in Spain who had treated two missionaries who died from Ebola has herself been diagnosed with the disease. Every day, there are more rumors that an infected person may have entered the U.S.

The CDC continues to tell us that cutting off flights out of West Africa would cause more harm than good, yet it is difficult for those of us who possess common sense to see the reasoning there. Containment is absolutely vital to stopping this plague, but the authorities entrusted with protecting us refuse to take the necessary steps to contain Ebola.

Continue reading here.


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