The Importance of Jonathan Gruber

With the revelation of videos showing Obamacare “architect” and MIT Economics Professor Jonathan Gruber proudly broadcasting that the president’s signature legislation was strategically crafted using lies and deception because it would not have passed otherwise, the big question is, why does anyone care about Jonathan Gruber?


One indication of Gruber’s importance in the crafting of Obamacare is the transparent, blatant lies key Democrats told on the videos’ release. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that she has no idea who this Jonathan Gruber guy is, and that he played no role in the creation of Obamacare. You would think that Pelosi would do a little bit of research before making such a statement – at least enough to find that her own office cited Mr. Gruber’s Obamacare analysis back in 2009.

President Obama was a little more nuanced, as one would expect, referring to Gruber as “some adviser who was never on our staff,” and while that is technically true, it doesn’t mean that Gruber had no role to play in the crafting of Obamacare. There is good evidence that Gruber was fairly influential in the crafting of Obamacare. While he almost certainly wasn’t the only “architect” of Obamacare, he was, without a doubt, one of the key players. He visited the White House multiple times during the crafting of Obamacare, meeting with high-level officials, and was even in meetings with President Obama. So far, he has made nearly $5.9 million providing Obamacare consulting at the federal and state levels.

That’s a lot of money for “some adviser who was never on our staff.”

What makes Jonathan Gruber important? He was a key adviser in the crafting of one of the most controversial laws passed over the last century. His statements provide solid proof of allegations made by numerous Republicans and conservatives that the law had been purposefully crafted to skew the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis and confuse Congress and the American people. For conservatives, it isn’t surprising to hear that Obamacare was built on lies. The surprising thing is that the stupidity of an Obamacare architect was so strong that he would openly admit, on multiple occasions, that lies and deception were primary factors in getting the law passed.


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