Obama’s Amnesty

All reports indicate that President Obama will be making a big announcement today – he will announce his plan to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens via executive order.  This is the president’s way of giving the middle finger to Republicans and every person who showed up at the polls in the midterm elections to kick the Democrats to the curb.

But, then, according to the president, this election wasn’t about any statement made by the voters, it was a statement made by those who stayed home.   According to President Obama, those people were telling him to double down, and to take action without Congress.


It’s difficult, of course, to discern exactly what statement is being made by a group of people who didn’t make a statement, but it could be just as valid to say that those people who didn’t vote are just as fed up with President Obama’s agenda as they are with GOP leadership.  But President Obama, ever the narcissist, will of course choose the interpretation that plays the most into his favor, allowing him to completely discount the election that gave his opponents their biggest majority since the Truman administration.

And, of course, President Obama’s post-election analysis completely contradicts his statements before the election…and his reported executive amnesty plans directly contradict statements he made on multiple occasions, where he explicitly pointed out to pro-amnesty activists that he didn’t have the authority to do exactly what he is planning to do.

But more troublesome than any plans President Obama may have to grant amnesty to lawbreakers who entered our nation illegally is the amnesty that GOP leadership seems determined to grant to a president who has already committed multiple violations of the Constitution.  With all of the talk about how President Obama is planning a blatant violation of the Constitution, all we seem to hear from the top Republicans in Congress is that they don’t want to impeach, they don’t want to use the power of the purse and risk a government shutdown, they don’t want to do anything to put the brakes on President Obama’s lawlessness, because it might make them look bad.

This is probably the single biggest problem in modern American politics: those in power are so consumed with sustaining their power that they will inevitably choose whatever course of action they think is most in their political interests, and will only do the right thing if and when it happens to align with their perception of political realities.  Meanwhile, millions of Americans are looking for those in power to do what’s right, rather than sticking to what is politically convenient.

The important question in all of this is not about how fighting President Obama’s planned executive amnesty will affect Republicans’ chances in the next election, or the one after that.  The important question is how failing to stop a president who wantonly violates the Constitution will affect the future of our Republic and the freedom of our people.  Upon taking office, the president takes an oath to “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and…to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  If a president fails to faithfully execute the requirements of his office, and works against the Constitution of the United States, then he has violated his oath, which falls under the umbrella of “high Crimes and Misdemeanors,” impeachable offenses under the Constitution.

President Obama has the Joe Biden defense playing in his favor, of course – that is to say, if Obama is removed from office, then Joe Biden becomes the next president.  As distasteful as the words “President Biden” may sound, the alternatives are much worse.

If our Congress – regardless of any political parties involved – allows the president to continue to violate the Constitution, then our constitution has no meaning, and our Congress has no meaning.  If President Obama’s actions are allowed to set legal precedent, than any future president can do much the same.  The only limits on a president’s power will be the political winds.  The only reason Democrats aren’t nervous about the future implications of this is because they have a massive political apparatus – including labor unions, schools, activist groups, and much of the American media – on their side.  This gives them enormous sway over public opinion, and makes it much easier for them to villianize Republicans than vice-versa.

But even with all of these tools in their arsenal, they lost yet another midterm election, and there are indications that Americans are catching on to their political manipulations in ever-increasing numbers.

If Republicans truly care about the future of our nation, then it is time for them to put doing what is right ahead of sticking to what it politically expedient.  Our nation is depending on it.


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