My Way Or The Highway

The verdict is in on Officer Darren Wilson.  He will not face a murder indictment for the shooting of Michael Brown.

Immediately following the announcement, riots broke out once again in Ferguson, MO.  This was no big surprise – there were going to be riots regardless of the outcome of the Grand Jury.  They’ve been working toward this for months; the announcement just gave the rioters the excuse they were looking for.

Like past incidents of racially-charged, controversial violence, the evidence and the verdict serve no practical purpose, other than that a police officer was not railroaded into prison to serve some political agenda.  While the people of Ferguson will be left to deal with the aftermath of yet another round of violence, this verdict likely spares them the ongoing protests and riots that would come out of a highly-publicized murder trial.

But overall, no one’s opinions have changed.  This verdict provides vindication for those of us who believed the shooting was justified, but for those who assume Darren Wilson to be some kind of cold-blooded killer, their minds will not be changed by this, nor will they be changed as the evidence that was shown to the Grand Jury is released.

President Obama made a statement urging calm in Ferguson, but consider his lead-off statement: “First and foremost, we are a nation built on the rule of law,”  Rather ironic considering how just last week he chose to violate our Constitution’s separation of powers in an unprecedented manner.  His address showed about as much passion and personality as a dead fish – he may as well have numbered himself among those who believe Darren Wilson to be a murderer.

Meanwhile, a live feed out of Ferguson showed buildings on fire, the sound of shots ringing out.  Reports of destruction and looting began almost immediately.

Perhaps they’re just taking an example from our president: if things aren’t going their way, they’ll just throw “the rule of law” right out the window.

Pray for the law enforcement officers in Ferguson, as well as the store owners.


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